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11 Whats App Tips You Never Know Before

In today’s article we will talk about the 12 tips and settings of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is currently the most widely used Android app all over the world which is used for communication. Will further enhance the experience of using the app.

1.Message with out online in WhatsApp

If we want to message someone online without being online on WhatsApp, we will use Google Assistant. With Google Assistant, we can message any of our WhatsApp contacts online without being online. Google Assistant Already present in all Android mobiles. To use Google Assistant, tap and hold the button in the middle of your Android mobile for a while and say the name of your contact in your voice. For example, Sand WhatsApp App to James Philip According to, this contact will be searched and given and there you type and send your message. Your message will be sent.

11 Whats App Tips You Never Know Before

2.Check Deliver Time of WhatsApp Message

If we want to know what time a message was sent and what time it was read, go to your WhatsApp message and tap and hold the message for a while. Click on Info from the options shown above. This will show you the delivery time and read time of the message.

11 Whats App Tips You Never Know Before

3.Send message with out saving number in contact

If we want to message on WhatsApp without saving any number, we can message it on WhatsApp. It is possible that we will open any bad wizard in our mobile. For example, we Open Google Chrome and type in the address bar۔One thing to keep in mind here is that when you have to write a number in the address bar, you don’t have to put a + sign next to it. The window will open, there you have to click on Continue to Chat, then the WhatsApp message will open in front of us where we can send WhatsApp message.11 Whats App Tips You Never Know Before

4.Hide your last seen status

If you want to hide your last seen status from your WhatsApp contacts or anyone, and whenever you read a chat, he gets a blue tick if you want to hide it. So that it doesn’t know if you have read his message or not, for that you go to your WhatsApp and click on the three dot option button then click on settings then go to settings then go to account And go to Privacy. After going to Privacy, the first option is Last Scene. Click on it and select New Body instead of Every One. When you click on Nine Body, no one will know that you. When online and when offline. The next option is Red Receipts. If you disable it, no one will know if you have read the message or not.

5.Listen Voice Message Secretly

We can secretly listen to any voice message on WhatsApp. Whenever we hear a message, its voice starts ringing. If we want to listen to this message secretly, then when we listen to this message۔If you are just placing the mobile on the ear, the sound of the mobile will go to the handset of the mobile instead of coming out and the way we are listening to the phone, we can hear the message secretly.

6.How to email WhatsApp chat

With the WhatsApp we can also email chats on WhatsApp. To do this, open the chat of the friend whose chat you want to email. After opening the chat, you can click on the three dot option. And then click on More then you click on export then when we click on export chat then we will get a lot of options from here we will select the email from here In addition, if we want to share our chat in any other way, we can do so by selecting any of the given options.

7.How to Lock WhatsApp

Did you know that you can also lock the WhatsApp? A lock that is present inside the WhatsApp. Yes, for this we do not have to use any other third party app, but all these settings are present in the WhatsApp. For this you have to go to the simple WhatsApp. Yes and click on the three dot option. Then go to Settings. After going to Settings go to Accounts. After going to Accounts the first option is to go to Privacy. Click on Fingerprint Lock below and enable it this way your finger print lock on WhatsApp will be enabled

8.Delete Unneccesary Chat

If you want to delete unnecessary chats that have caused your mobile’s memory to be refilled, you can delete unnecessary chats and media from WhatsApp. Click on the option. Then go to Settings. After going to Settings, click on the Data and Storage option and then click on Storage UZ, then your contacts will appear. Click on the chat you want to delete and click on Free Up SIM space and click on Clear Messages. This will delete all the messages and free up your mobile memory.

9.Use Two Whatsapp In One Mobile

You can use two WhatsApp in one mobile and it is also the official WhatsApp and for that you don’t need any third party app. For that you have to Install two WhatsApp in your mobile.”WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business” are both official versions of WhatsApp.Install both of them and u can use both of them in one mobile

11 Whats App Tips You Never Know Before

10.Design WhatsApp stickers

You can also make stickers of WhatsApp. For this we will guide you how to make stickers of WhatsApp. For this we have to install an app from Play Store called Sticker Maker After downloading this app, open it and click on Stickers, then it will ask you about the picture which you can cook from the gallery. Now click on Add Changes to WhatsApp to bring this sticker to WhatsApp, then these stickers of yours will go to WhatsApp which you can send to your friends.

11.Restrict any one Adding You in Groups

If you don’t want anyone to add you to the WhatsApp group, you’ll need to go to WhatsApp settings for that. After going to Settings, click Account. Then click on groups then click on my contacts accept then the contact list will open then mark it and save it now all these people can’t add you to any group…

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