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Free Keyword research Tool

In today’s article we will talk about the word research tools that help us find low competition words whose volume is very good. We can find such words with the help of these tools. You can make a great profit by using it in Google campaigns and get your site ranked in Google. And this tool is absolutely free tools, we don’t even need to pay to use them. What are our free word tools?

1. Word Tracker

Our first keyword research tool is Word Tracker. With this tool we can find keywords for free and we can use them in our blog or any campaign and their volume is also good. We will go to the URL of the keyword and search by typing the keyword we want. For example, if we search by typing any keyword, the result of the desired word will be displayed in۔With this keyword tool we can find fifty words a day and export them and save the list to our computer. In addition, we can select the specific search engine and see its volume and competition there. And you can also see its volume and competition in different countries.For example, if we do a keyword research here, then pizza recipe will have its volume show in front of you as we can see in this picture. That the volume of his word is very good while the competition is very low. In the same way we can search for more words.

2. Answer the Public

Our second tool is Answer the Public. This tool is also a completely free tool. To open this tool, we will go to their website. The design and UI of this tool has been made very great. We will type the keyword we want in the search box and click on the search button. We will see the search results which are the keywords that we can use in our article or in the campaign.
Here you will find keywords that are indexed in All Ready Google and you can use them in your blog articles to bring maximum traffic to your blog. We download their keywords in CSV file. This tool is also absolutely free tool.

3. Soovl

Our third tool is Soovl Tool. This tool is also absolutely free tool. To open this tool, go to their website and type your keyword in the search box. We will not even click on the search button here. Keyword results used on search engines will come, for example Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Yahoo Bing. You can use the keyword you want in your blog or campaign. You can also use this free tool to do keyword research.

4. InstaWord

Our Forth keyword is Insta Word. You can find your Keyword with the help of this Keyword tool. This is a great Keyword research tool that can help you start your Key word research journey. Go to their website and type your keyword and search. The results of the Keyword will be shown in front of you. This tool will tell us about the search volume of the Keyword and its competition. Average CPC rate If you use Google AdSense, we can do 100 monthly searches in the free plan. If you want to search more on it, you can upgrade their paid plan.

5. Keyword Tool Dominator

Our Fifth Keyword Tool is Keyword Tool Dominator.This keyword tool also helps us to do keyword research. Simply go to their website and select the Google word tool then click on try for free. In the free version we can do two searches a day. You can type your keyword in the search box and you can also see its keyword by country. Search in the search box to find your keyword. This tool will search and show you the keyword you want. We can’t see the volume in the free version of keyWord Tool so we have to buy the paid version to get more features.

6. Key Search

Our Six Keyword Tool is Key search۔This is a great and excellent keyword research tool and this keyword tool is also absolutely free which you can use to find your Keyword. Apart from this free plan there are also paid plans but in free Plan We get so many features in the free plan that we don’t need to upgrade the paid plan.Simply we will go to their website and click on Gut Started then we will select the free plan. In the free plan we can do five daily searches. After that we have to sign up here. And you don’t have to create your own account. After creating an account, you can search for keywords with this tool.This keyword research tool has more functions as compared to other keyword research tool.

7. Keyword In

Our Seventh Keyword Research Tool is Keyword has a domestic interface.To use this keyword Tool visit their website. This keyword Tool gives you two features. First is Generate Word for SEO and PPC. And the second is to generate new domain names.

Select the first option to search for the keyword and type and search for the keyword you want. This tool will give you the details of all the keywords.