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Vlc Player Settings For Android You Should Know

Today we will share with you some VLC player tips for android that you need to know. VLC player is the most used player in the world. This media player was released in 2001 and at that time. The most used VLC player in the world is because it can play any type of video on VLC player. So let us know about 9 settings of VLC player that you may not have seen before.

1.Sleep Mode (Close Media Automatically)

If you want to put sleep mode on the VLC player, that is, if you think you will fall asleep while watching the video, you can set a time that the VLC player will automatically turn off the media. To turn on sleep mode you can play any media then click on the three dot button then the first option is timer or sleep mode then click on it and type time here For example, if you want to close after 30 minutes, type 30M and click OK. After this setting, your media will close automatically….

2.Show Hidden File

There are many apps in the world that allow you to hide files but with VLC you can also show your hidden files. For this go to Options and then go to Settings. Go to the Advanced option at the end and tick the first option Show Hidden File, then it will show your hidden files.

3.Delete History of Vlc Player

Whenever you are using VLC Player it is creating a history of your videos so in this setting we will tell you how you can clear this history. To do this, go to the option and click on History and click on the D elete button, it will clear all your history.

4.Enable Dark Theme In Vlc

If you use VLC player too much on mobile at night, it can affect your vision, so you can change the theme of VLC player to dark mode so that more If you don’t see the light in your eyes, to change the theme of VLC player, come to the option of VLC player and go to settings and come to the interface, then enable the black theme. The VLC player theme will be dark.

5.Play Any Video as Audio in Background

Our setting number 5 is also very amazing, if you want to play any video in direct audio, you can also convert any video to direct audio and play in the background. Select the one you want to play in the audio and play it in the background. Click on the three dot option on the side of the video and select PlayAs Audio. Will be played as

6.Change the Language of Video

If you are watching an English movie and want to change its language to Urdu, you only need to change one of the settings. Note that you can change the language of the same video which already has the Dool option ie it already has two languages ​​then you can change the language from English to Urdu with one option. To change the language of any movie, first play this movie and click on the second option from the options below and then click on the audio track and select Hindi in it. Will change the language of your movie.

7.Play video in Small Screen

If you want to convert any video to a small window, with the help of VLC Media Player you can convert it to a small window and use the rest of the function in your smartphone. This option is also called Picture Picture Mode. To use, you can play any video, then click on the three dot option, then click on the one window option. As soon as you click on it, your video will start playing in a small window. By using this option you can also use the rest of the function of your mobile…

8.Play Video in Background

If you want to hear the sound of the video and play your video in the background and do something else, you can still play that video even if you turn off the VLC through this setting. To do this, go to the VLC option of your mobile and click on Settings and click on Background or PIP mode. And play video in the background. Select this and your video will start playing in the background

9.Increase Volume Upto 200 %

If you want to double the volume of any of your videos or audios up to 200%, you can do so with the help of VLC Media Player. If you are using VLC Media Player in laptop You can click on the video and move your mouse round button upwards. This will start to increase the volume of your video and you can increase it up to 200%. If you want to increase the volume of C Media Player then come to VLC Media Player and click on option button then go to settings and click on video in extra settings and tick audio boost. This option will be enabled.


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