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Amazing Instagram Tips and Setttings

Today we will talk about 7 Amazing Instagram Tips that will enhance your experience of using Instagram more than ever before. As you know, Instagram is the most used Social media platform after Facebook.

1.Delete Your Instagram Permanently

If you want to permanently delete your Instagram account, you can also delete it permanently. There is no option in the app to delete Instagram account. If you want to delete the account permanently, you do not have to resort to the application, for this you have to open Instagram in your desktop computer and open this URL and your Log in to the account After logging in, the Delete Your Account page will open in which it will ask you the reason for deleting the account. Select the reason for deleting your account and enter your password.Your account will be permanently deleted.

2.Change Your Account to Private Account

Our second tip is great too. This tip is especially for those who want to change their account to a private account so that no one they know doesn’t message or follow them, for example if you have any When you post, you will set that no one but your specific friends sees your post. For this, you have to come to the profile and select the option and then click on the settings. And then you have to click on privacy and go to account privacy and enable account privacy so that your post will only show to the people you are calling.

3.Change Your Personal Account to Professional Account

Our third tip is also great if you want if you have a lot of followers on Instagram and you want to keep an eye on all the activities and all the statistics of your followers to see how many followers come and how many likes you have. You can change your account to a professional account by changing just one setting. Instagram will give you many options with which you can measure all the status of your Instagram. You go to your account profile. And click on the options button then go to settings and click on account then at the bottom of here you will see an option to switch to professional account when you click on it. If you do, your account will be converted to a professional account.

4.Delete Message Sent By Mistake

Our tip on number 4 is also very amazing if you send a message to someone on Instagram by mistake or write something that makes you think you sent a message to someone by mistake. So let’s know that if you have sent a message to someone by mistake, you can also delete the message sent by that mistake. If you tap and hold, then two options will open in front of you. Select the first option, unsent message, then the message that you sent to your friend will be unsent.

5.Consume Less Mobile Data on Instagram

The tip on our number 5 is also very amazing, if you don’t want your data to be used too much while using Instagram, then by using this tip you can save your data from being used too much. Because the HD images of Instagram consume a lot of data of your mobile but with the help of this tip the HD images of Instagram will not consume much of your data. For that you simply click on the profile button. Then click on the option button. Then go to settings then go to account. After going to account you will see written there. Mobile Data Use Click on it and then set the high resolution media at the bottom of the data server. If you choose to do so, this is a very powerful option to save your mobile data through which you can save your mobile data.

6.Audio Message Recording on Instagram

The tip on our number 6 is very amazing. This tip is about sending audio messages. When you are in the Instagram app and you want to send an audio message to someone, here I will tell you some such techniques. This will make your audio messaging experience better than before. When we start sending a message to a friend on Instagram, when we press the audio message button, the seconds of the audio message start running. But If you move your finger back and forth while recording an audio message, moving to the left will delete your message during the recording. For example, if you feel that your audio message was not recorded correctly And if you want to delete it without sending it, you can use this technique to delete the audio message without sending it. Also, if you want to send a long audio message to someone If you are tired, you can move your finger slightly up while recording, then your recording will start without holding your finger and you Can easily record the message as long as you want

7.Keep Instagram Safe and Secure

If you want your Instagram account to be completely safe and secure, no one can hack your account because you know that when any account is hacked, it contains messages and all your information. Reaches hackers. Today we will tell you a tip that you can use to make your Instagram safe and no world power will be able to hack your account. For this we will simply open our Instagram account and turn on 2FA. For this we will come to our mobile’s Instagram app and come to the profile then go to settings. After that you have to go to security, then you have to turn on the two-factor authentication. Only then will your account be opened on this mobile. Two Factor Authentication will have two options, one with text message and the other with 2FA app. You can turn on the text message option any way you want. Enabling will bring the code to your mobile which you will need to login to the account and when you enable the app you will have to download the FA app from the Google Play Store and A specific code must be inserted when logging in into your instagram Account.

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