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Amazing Technology Facts

In today’s article we will tell you ten facts about technology that will add to your knowledge. So let us know what those 9 facts are.

1.The First Computer of the World

The world’s first computer that was invented, if you listen to its height and weight, you will be very surprised, that is, the world’s first computer height was about 2.5 meters and its weight was about thirty thousand kilograms. The funny thing is that whenever this computer was turned on, the power of the whole city becomes Dim.and if we compare today’s calculator with it, today’s calculator will be much faster than this computer. The point is that this computer was built at a cost of Million Dollars.

2.The First Computer By Apple

As you know, Apple has entered the age of technology a long time ago and first Apple started making computers then started making laptops and then Apple started making iPhones and mobiles. And the first computer that Apple had was called Apple II. If we talk about the hard disk of Apple II, then at that time Apple 2 had a 5 MB hard disk. 5 MB means that An audio song could fit in today’s computer. It had a memory of 5 MB, that is, if you want to understand it, it becomes one MB of one thousand GB and nowadays even in a normal mobile phone. There is 16 GB of space. From this you can estimate how little space the computer had in those days.

3.Virus Releases Every Month

You will be amazed to hear the fact that we have number 3, that more than 6000 viruses are released every month all over the world. It also says that these viruses are also released by anti-virus companies that are sending you solutions to avoid the virus.

4.Start Of Famous Companies of the World

The fifth fact is that it is very interesting that Apple, HP and Microsoft started from a garage because their founder did not have enough money at that time to rent a building. There is a motivation for these companies to be the most famous company in the world today…

5.Map of Bill Gates Home

Our this fact is also very interested in the fact that the map that was used to build the house of Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, was made from Apple’s laptop. However, Apple and Microsoft are very big competitors. And it’s weird to hear that when the house of the founder of Microsoft was built, its design was built on Apple’s laptop.


YouTube was created on February 14, 2005. And a survey was conducted about this website. Until February 2017, content is being uploaded on this website one minute later, ie 400 hours of content is being uploaded on YouTube in one minute. And if you talk about watching, you will be lost in amazement that YouTube content is being watched one billion hours a minute, that is, one billion hours of watching videos on YouTube, which is a lot of watch time.

7.Free Domain Registration

You will be shocked to hear the fact that until 1995 the domain was absolutely free ie their registration was absolutely free ie there were no charges of any kind on their registration.
Let me tell you about a domain, what a domain is. Whenever you open a website, it has an address. For example, / it is a domain. A domain is a means of accessing any website You can open any website through it. But now the domain is not free, now you have to pay the charges which are on an annual basis. But until 1995, there were no charges for any kind of domain registration.

8.QWERTY keyboard

Our fact is related to the QWERTY keyboard. No one knows why these buttons were arranged in such a way. There is a great logic behind this ultimate straightforward layout. The keyboard was designed to slow down the typing speed so that the person could not type so fast. Because when the typist typed fast, the keyboard was designed to slow down the person typing. So the computer would be completely jammed and there would be a lot of problems.

9.Traffic Of Internet

If we look at the total data that is being passed on the Internet, 51% of the traffic is not human, but it is generated with the help of traffic tools, including spammers and hackers Unnecessary loads are being placed on our internet. Due to the activities of these hackers, a survey report was released that 51% of the total internet traffic is not human.

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