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Best Hosting Companies in Paksitan 2020

In today’s article we will talk about more than 10 hosting companies in Pakistan. Many of these hosting companies also receive payments through Jazz Cash and EasyPay.

1.Easy Host

The first company we will talk about is,This company has been operating since 2009 and is a registered company in Pakistan. This company has hosted more than 10,000 websites since 2009. The uptime is Upto 9.9% and this company allows you to register a domain for free with each package. The support of this company is very good. The company provides a platform of 24/7 Support. So you can get PK domain from them at a much cheaper price. For more information you can visit the official website of this company. You know about the packages of this company, which packages this company offers Has been.The company provides three basic packages Budget 1,Budget 2 , and Budget 3.let see what does these packages Contains

Budget 1 Package

In Budget 1 package you will get 1500 MB disk space. You will get 25 GB bandwidth. In addition you will get free SSL certificate. And you will get free domain registration facility. For this Package 2500 PKR will have to be paid annually.

Budget 2 Package

In addition, if we talk about budget two, in this package we get 2500 MB of disk space, 50 GB of bandwidth, free domain registration, free SSL certificate and 2 Domains can be hosted. The annual cost of this package is Rs. 3000 which we have to pay annually.

Budget 3 Package

In the budget 3 package we get 3500 MB of disk space. Free domain registration is facilitated per SSL certificate. In addition we can host 3 domains on it.

2.Host break

Our second hosting company is HostBrack. This company has been operating since 2001. In this company we get one month money back guarantee. And its up time is 99.9%. Also available on eCommerce, Dedicated Servers and CMS. Speaking of Mojo Packages in this company, this company has Entry Package Basic Package and Standard Package. This company also receives payment on monthly basis from this company. Purchased hosting can also be subscribed on a monthly basis.

1.Entry package

The entry package in this company charges us PKR 125 per month. In which we can host a website. In addition, 1 GB of SSD space is available. C panel and soft equalization are available. This package We can run with one domain and 0 subdomains.

2.Basic package

In the basic package we will be charged 225 PKR per month. In this package we can host one domain and three subdomains and also register the domain for free. Get SD disk space in which we can host 150 emails and you will also get free SSL.

3.Standard package

In the standard package, we will be charged Rs. 300 per month. And four websites will be able to host four domains. In addition to this we will be able to host three subdomains. In this package we get 3 GB of SSD disk space and you can host up to 800 emails….

3.A 2 Hosting

At A2 Hosting we get three packages Shared Hosting Reseller Package and VPS Package. In addition we can also buy Dedicated Server. The price of this hosting company is a bit high but this company gives you a lot of traffic. This is a very good company. If your blog or website has a lot of traffic, you can buy hosting from this company. Even with a lot of traffic, your website will not go down. This company guarantees this.

1.Shared hosting

In shared hosting we get 3.92 USD per month. In it you can host a personal blog or website. It also supports WordPress.

2.Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is a hosting that you can sell further. For example, if you have a store, you can sell it further. The cost of this hosting is 9.99 USD. I am telling you that these are basic prices and they also get discounts throughout the year

3.VPS hosting

Then we talk about VPS hosting. In VPS hosting you are given a separate PC. You can use it any way you want. You can use the disk space in this hosting. The price of 119 USD you have to pay.

4.Hoster PK

Hoster PK has been working for the last ten years and you can also register a free domain in this company. The support of this company is available 24 hours a day. Besides, its uptime is 99.9%. This company is present in Rawalpindi and They have offices and servers there. The company has been operating since 2009. And it offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their services, you can get your money refunded for 30 days. The company has three plans which are as follows.

Hosting Plan 1

In Plan No. 1 of this company we get 1000 MB of disk space. 20 GB of bandwidth. In this we can register a free domain. Their help service is available 24 hours a day. To buy this plan you need. 2880 PKR has to be paid on annual charges.

Hosting Plan 2

In this plan we get 2000 MB disk space, 40 GB bandwidth and 30 days money back guarantee. Its server time is up to 99.9%. To buy this plan you need 3780. PKR will have to pay annually.

Hosting Plan 3

In this plan we get 3000 MB of disk space. 60 GB bandwidth plus server time up to 99.9%. This plan can also be purchased with 30 days money back guarantee. To buy it we have to pay 4580 PKR per annum.

5.Navico Soft

Basically, the company’s servers are in the United States, but the company also has offices in Lahore, Pakistan. This company is registered since 2004. It has three hosting plans: web hosting plan, reseller plan and dedicated plan.
Web hosting plan
In a web hosting plan you have to pay 22 USD a year. In it you get 20 GB of space. In addition, you also get a free domain.

Reseller plan

In the reseller plan you are charged ماہ 15 per month. In this plan you can create six websites and sell out. In the reseller plan we have already discussed whether you want your blog or website. Can be further sold out.

Dedicated plan

If we are talking about a dedicated plan, we have to pay 44 USD monthly charges. If you want to see the details of this plan, you can visit their website.

Vps Plan

The VPS plan charges you 12.33 USD per month. You can see more details of this plan by visiting their website.

6.Web Soul

WebSoul is a registered company in Pakistan since 2002. In this company we get to see three plans: Business Plan, Proffesional Plan and Dedicated Plan.

Business plan

In a business plan you have to pay Rs. 5450 per annum. In a business plan you are charged only once a year and in it you have unlimited disk space. There is unlimited bandwidth speed. All these things are given in the business plan.
Dedicated plan
Then we talk about the Dedicated Plan in which you are charged 7000 PKR a month. In this you are allotted a separate PC. You can see more details by visiting the website of this company.

Professional plan

In this plan we get 8 GB of web space. We get unlimited bandwidth. In this plan we get a domain for free. Apps can be installed in one click. if you wan to buy this plan you have to pay 23.64 USD annually.


Nexus is a 100% Pakistani based company operating in Pakistan since 1999. In this company you can find three plans which is shared hosting VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting charges you 1500 PKR for one year and you get 1 GB of space. You casee more n details by visiting their website.

Vps Hosting

In Vps Hosting You are Charged 2000 PKR per month and you will get 15 GB disk space.

Dedicated Hosting

In Dedicated Hosting You are charged 8000 PKR per month .You can get more details by visiting their website

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