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Best Screen Recorder for Windows

If you want to record a computer screen for free, there are many free softwares that can help you record a computer screen if you want to make a tutorial or record a gaming video. So with the help of these softwares you can record computer screen for free. In this article we will tell you about 5 screen recorders which are listed below and these are free software.

1.Windows game bar

The first recorder is absolutely simple and free recorder which is pre-built inside Windows. If you want to activate this software then open the start menu and go to windows settings then gaming. Select the option if it is off then turn it on then the shortcut to run this software is Win+G. Pressing it will open your screen recorder and you will start recording by clicking on capture. The drawback of this application is that it starts recording only after opening the application. The desktop does not record. As soon as you open this application, you will see the recording button. If you want to watch the recording, clicking on Show All Captures will open the list of all recordings. You can play and watch it. You can play this recorder. Be sure to try. This recorder is very interesting and you won’t see any watermarks in it.Best Screen Recorder for Windows

2.Flashback Express Recorder

This recorder is a very interesting recorder. If you click on it, as soon as this application is opened, you will see a simple interface, where you will see all the settings that you can set if you You can also turn on the webcam with this screen recorder. The special thing about this screen recorder is that it also has a video editor with which you can edit the recorded videos as soon as you click on the record your video The recording will start and after that you can record whatever you want. The result of recording is also very good. After recording you can save and edit the file.Best Screen Recorder for Windows

3.Share X

It is also a very interesting screen recorder in which you will find a very nice interface. In this screen recording you will find many tools. In this screen recorder you will find two types of screen recording. In GIF format there is another screen recording. To start the screen recording you come to Capture and click on screen recording and your recording will start then you can do whatever recording you want. Is one of the best screen recording software you can try.

Best Screen Recorder for Windows

4.Apower Soft Online Screen Record

We have a very interesting software at No. 4 with the help of which you can do screen recording. This software is an online software. This software is absolutely free and you will be able to use it online. To use the software, open your browser and go to their website and click on start recording. This will start your recording and will open all the recording options. Remember that this software You need to be connected to the Internet to run the software. As soon as you click on the full screen, the size of the videos will open in front of you, from which you can select your desired size. And access the webcam. After recording your file will be found in your local drive which you can edit later.

Best Screen Recorder for Windows

5.OBS Studio

Our last application is very simple and very interesting app that you can use. It is a software that allows you to share the screen live and also record the screen if you enter it. The interface will look very difficult if you look at the fee, but if you understand it a little bit, this software is not difficult at all. Best Screen Recorder for WindowsIf you click on the plus button, you will be able to add any source if you capture the entire display. And then you can start recording by selecting the display cn save files after recording and can edit them later.


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