• Waterlogging: What is Waterlogging?

    What is Waterlogging? | Types, Causes, Effects and Solutions

    Do you ever listen to the Waterlogging term? What is it? If not, then I will tell you about this in this post. Today the maintenance of the soil is very crucial for the sake of good productivity from the crops. It is very important for us to enhance productivity.…

  • What is Compost

    What is Composting? An Overview and its Importance for Agriculture

    Do you ever think that we can get more production from the crops instead of using fertilizers? Definitely No, So, here I am going to discuss how is it possible. This is actually all about the applications of the Compost. Do you know what is Compost? So, here I am…

  • What is Environmentalism

    Environmentalism| Its Importance, History and Types

     Environmentalism Guys Do you ever listen about the term ” Environmentalism”? What is meant by an Environmentalism? So, for you I am going to discuss the Environmentalism in this topic very precisely. so you guys need to read the whole topic carefully to know the brief aspects of the Environmentalism.…

  • What is Environmental Monitoring

    What is Environmental Monitoring? Definition and its Importance

    Some people think about Environmental Monitoring but they can’t do that may be due to their lack of knowledge and also having no experience. Do you ever monitor the Environment? If not, then you are at the right place. In this topic, I will explain Environmental Monitoring. So, read this…

  • Branches of Environmental Sciences

    Branches of Environmental Sciences | Softpik.com

    Environmental Sciences is the vast field of Sciences describing different happenings around us. Do you ever read Environmental Sciences? If not, then this post is for you containing the basics of the Environment. The wonder is that this field is so much interesting and answers all of your queries about…

  • What do you mean by Deforestation

    Deforestation Facts & Causes | The Money Behind Deforestation

    Deforestation:  Hey Everyone! I am here to discuss Deforestation in this topic. Deforestation is actually due to the activities of humans. Do you know everyone’s life is associated with the facilities provided by the forests, but we don’t care about that? Here I am telling you about the importance of…

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