Amazing Technology Facts

In today’s article we will tell you ten facts about technology that will add to your knowledge. So let us know what those 9 facts are. 1.The First Computer of the World The world’s first computer that was invented, if you listen to its height and weight, you will be very surprised, that is, the world’s first computer height was …

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Best Hosting Companies in Paksitan 2020

In today’s article we will talk about more than 10 hosting companies in Pakistan. Many of these hosting companies also receive payments through Jazz Cash and EasyPay. 1.Easy Host The first company we will talk about is,This company has been operating since 2009 and is a registered company in Pakistan. This company has hosted more than 10,000 websites since …

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What is 5G Technology

In today’s article we will talk about what is 5G technology and what are the benefits of this technology. In today’s article we will provide you with information regarding this topic. So let us know what this technology. In the modern age, experts are in the race to introduce the fastest technology. Whether it is computing devices, laptops or smartphones, …

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