Clash for Android Apk Download Latest v2.3.22 for Free

Hey friends! Tired of hacker attacks and ready to set some goals for car crashes? If so, what are you waiting for? Simply download the latest version of Clash for Android Apk. Filter the traffic and browse DNS by setting specific rules.

People today are very concerned about the information stored on their servers. While fireplaces are designed to comply with safety protocols. But the corruption of IP addresses and the mistrust of the user.

This means using security and availability. The developers have created this quality tool for Android users. By now installing the app, Android users can browse built-in protocols and manage vehicles efficiently.

This page gives you an APK file that you can transfer to your phone. Just clicking on the top of this page, you will get a new download link. All links are available for download.

What is Clash for Android APK?

The Clash for Android is an Android software tool developed and maintained by Kr328. The main purpose of developing this tool is to ensure a solid path. Users can browse and filter traffic.

Speaking of great features. We will then look at options like VMES, HTTP / HTTPS authentication, DNS server management, DOH support, fake IP blocking, port management, and more.

Most remote servers, including connections, are considered weak due to long queues. Sometimes, even when the car is in the middle. He often tries to steal information about inappropriate behavior.

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Clash for Android APK App Info

Name: Clash for Android

Category: Games

Latest Version: v2.3.22

Package Name: com.github.kr328.clash

Updated on: 3 days ago

Requirements: 5.0+

Developed By: Kr328

File Size: 28 MB

Clash for Android Apk

Download Clash for Apk on Android for Free

Here are the important steps to get Clash for Android:

  • Before installing and implementing the app file. The first step is to download and Android users can trust our site about this.
  • As you can see here on our site, we only share the real and original apk files.
  • To ensure the security and privacy of our users. We hired a team of experts until our team of experts expressed confidence.
  • The APK will not be offered in the download section. Click the link below to download the latest version of Clash for Android.
  • Although our site shares several different Android devices.
  •  This allows users to easily manage their devices.
  • Therefore, I am interested in researching applications that require connectivity.
  •  These are Snack VPN Apk and Movie RULZ VPN Apk.
  • Now you need to install it!

Install Latest version of Clash for Android

Here are some steps to install Clash for Android given below:

  • Downloading it from the browser is the best option. A Quick Guide to Uploading Photos to the APK.
  • Click the download button above.
  • I returned to the download page. You can download or install the APK file from Play Store.
  • Click the Download APK button.
  • The OK window depends on your browser settings.
  • It will continue to press the download button to save the file to the device.
  • Now you can have fun!
Clash for Android

Features of Clash for Android APK

Some of the key features of Clash for Android are described below.

  • HTTP local, HTTPS, SOCKS server / authentication
  • Supports dial-up connections via Vmess, Shadow Sack, Trojan (experience), and Snell contracts. Can support UDP
  • Helps users create basic rules.
  • Other soldiers, including heroes, will see you.
  • Because the hero theme is the same as the old game.
  • But the field of combat and planning is different.
  • As with all sports, registration is required.
  • You have to require a secure internet connection to play the game.
  • Manage your army and use powerful tactics and deception to defeat your enemies.
  • Defeat evil leaders, like the goblin king and father dog.
  • Use your evil power to get the hidden treasure.
  • Avoid X-rays, objects, and explosives.
  • To monitor online server access traffic.
  • Further, reduce fraudulent attacks by integrating security features.
  • Users can register IPs with protection options.
  • DNS servers are set up to reduce the complexity of DNS servers. DoH/DOT support. You can use a fake IP address.
  • Send packets to different proxy servers using the domain, GeoIP, IP CIDR, or port regulations
  • Users can create critical rules for remote teams. Agents offer quick service options, the automatic balance of items, or long-term options.
  • The command from the list above / rule is not included but can be downloaded.
  • You can download the apk file here for free.
  • Software installation provides a variety of technology features.
  • No registration is required.
  • No long enrollment is required.
  • The user interface of the program is very simple and fast.

Pros and Cons of Direct Clash downloads for Android Apk


  • You can download any version of the app directly from third-party sites. You can have different versions of application profiles and download everything you need.
  • The download speed is fast. Unlike the Play Store approval process, there is no waiting.
  • Once downloaded, it contains an APK file in the system memory/memory. Allows you to install multiple times and re-install without downloading.


  • Google does not condone the copying of third-party content as it may damage your phone.
  • APK files may contain viruses that may or may not harm your phone.
  • Your app was not automatically updated because the Google Play Store is always unavailable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I download it for free?

Ans: Yes! Users are not charged for downloading this file.

Q2: Is it safe to use?

Ans: Yes! All security threats have been eliminated. Assumptions are good.

Q3: Advertiser?

Ans: There are no ads when using this version.

Q4: Why do you download the APK?

Ans: The APK extension is used for Android packages and the file format is used to install Android apps (such as EXE for Windows). To install the APK, you need to manually download and use the file (this program is called the “download page”).

Final Words

If you want to download this software, you have come to the right place. We will update you with the latest version of the instant download. Then click the download button at the top and bottom of the page. Wait a few seconds to start downloading.  Hope you like this article and you can share it with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and other social networking sites, they can download Clash for Android Apk.

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