Difference between Brazilian and Hollywood Wax?

What is Hollywood wax?

Hollywood wax is a type of bikini waxing in which the entire pubic area is freed from all hair. No hair is left front to back, including between the buttocks. This is similar to entering a natural state in which one is born.  So we are presenting the difference between Brazilian and Hollywood Wax here. This is a style that looks very sexy and appealing and allows you to wear thongs and extremely short panties that barely cover the crotch.

Hollywood wax is also known as sphinx or full body wax because it doesn’t leave any hair behind and it completely baldness the entire area from the pubic area to the buttocks on the back.

The regular bikini wax removes much less hair compared to the other two. It basically involves removing hair from around your panty line – the sides and top of your thighs, as well as below your belly button – and leaving behind an inverted triangle shape of the hair.

This type of wax is great before going on a beach vacation, for a hair-free bikini line when you put your swimsuit on, or just to keep it neat down there. You can ask your esthetician to go a little deeper on the sides if you want to remove a little more.

What is a Brazilian wax?

This method is popular with many beauty salons and should also be left to professionals. This type of wax is very similar to French waxing in that it leaves a small streak or triangle in the front genital area, but it also removes all of the hair in the back area. This is the perfect style for wearing a thong bikini because no hair is visible in the front or back.

This is the most common type of bikini wax around the world and also the strictest. The difference between a bikini wax and French Brazilian wax is that with the latter, the hair is removed from the entire pubic area, including the butt fluff. While bikini wax does not wax the hair in the pubic area. So, of course, it’s the most painful way of waxing and requires you to spread your legs wide or bend your knees and raise them all the way up to your head so your waxer can reach your most intimate parts.

If you are a seasoned bikini waxer used to the experience and pain then we recommend this. If this is your first time trying don’t worry, the esthetician is a professional who has served hundreds of women so there is no reason to feel shy or awkward. Just get ready for the pain before the smooth skin pleasure.

Brazilian Hair Removal

Brazilian hair removal is a popular choice when it comes to styling and bikini waxing. There are several types of Brazilian waxing, such as “the Bermuda Triangle” (an inverted triangle) or “the desert island” that leaves very little hair – for those who do not want to remove all of their hair. This is a bikini wax style in which the waxer removes all hair from front to back, including the area between the butts.

Yes, there is hair between the butts too, and a lot of women want to get rid of that hair too. Above the vagina, however, is a Brazilian-style runway that can be oval, triangular, heart-shaped, or any other shape, but even that hair is reduced to a quarter of an inch for aesthetic reasons. Brazilian wax is a little more removed than a regular bikini wax, but a little less than Hollywood wax.

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Difference between Brazilians and Hollywood wax

The major difference between Brazilian and Hollywood Wax is that, In this age of tanning and sunbathing on the beach, it is common for women to have hair removed from the pubic area so that the hair in that area is not visible to others. When women wear swimsuits that are quite small, pubic hair that is not trimmed often comes out of the crotch area, which they feel embarrassed about. Pubic hair that is visible is definitely unacceptable in all cultures.

There are many waxing techniques that can be used to get rid of pubic hair. Brazilian wax and Hollywood wax refer to two well-known waxing methods for removing pubic hair. They are also known as two different types of bikini waxes. Their pricing in spas and beauty salons is too different so it is imperative to understand the differences between the two. When summer is just around the corner, in addition to the search for a new beach outfit or bikini, hair removal in the bikini area comes back into focus.

While shaving can be considered the fastest method of hair removal, waxing is more sustainable and you don’t have to worry about cuts in sensitive areas.

If you’ve never done a bikini wax, you may be unsure which style is the right one. There are many different options and it is ultimately a matter of personal preference.

The major difference between Brazilian Waxing and Hollywood Waxing

Brazilian wax and Hollywood wax are two different types of bikini waxing. This removes all of the hair visible under the navel and the area that is visible from the swimsuit.

Hollywood wax leaves nothing between the pubic area and the buttocks, including between the buttocks. The entire area is completely bare.

With a Brazilian wax, a runway is intentionally left below the navel in order to seduce the viewer. Even this runway, shaped to the lady’s wish, has the pubic hair reduced to a quarter of an inch.

A few tips for waxing

If you plan to come to the salon regularly for waxing, there are a few waxing tips you should know beforehand. Since French, bikini, or Brazilian waxing takes 3 to 6 weeks, you need to do the following things regularly.

Be clean

Of course, you need to have a nice shower right before your waxing session. Exfoliate your bikini line with warm water and have baby wipes with you just in case you want to be safe until the last minute. Use a loofah before and after waxing to remove ingrown hairs and keep the skin plump.

Difference between Brazilian and Hollywood Wax


The perfect length for your waxing is a quarter of an inch so it comes off easily and isn’t too long to cause more pain. Make sure you trim yourself to this length before your appointment. If you have less or no hair then wait for it to grow out for better results and less pain. If you are not sure whether you can do it yourself, let the treating professional do it for you. Make sure you let them know beforehand. Also, avoid using oils or lotions before getting the French, bikini, or Brazilian wax done.


Exhale every time it pulls. To avoid pain, make sure that your pelvis does not twitch with every jerk, otherwise, the pain will only intensify. If you are not good at dealing with pain, consider taking pain medication before your appointment.

After treatment

Apply aloe Vera gel to the area for a few days after you’ve been waxed to soothe the skin and reduce irritation and red spots. Your skin will be irritated. Your skin may swell and become red spots after getting bikini wax done. It is recommended not to go to the beach immediately after waxing, as the skin cells will be removed with the hair at the time of waxing. You may not want to get burned.

What to expect from Hollywood Wax treatment?

It’s natural that you want to know what you’re doing. Because knowledge is power, it is certain that some really understand what to expect from a therapist to avoid surprises and embarrassing moments by default. The therapist will ask you to remove all clothing (including storage) from the waist and cover yourself with a towel.

Therefore, you must be prepared for someone you do not know to see you from the angle you thought you had not yet seen yourself. You will be asked to bend your legs in different positions (sometimes a little uncomfortable, but not crazy at all) and sometimes even sit on your knees. Apply and remove such regular wax to other parts of the body – film wax or hot wax (depending on your treatment preference). . After that, the therapist applies oil after waxing to soothe the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How long will the hair stay off?

Ans: The speed of hair growth is different for everyone. Therefore it is not possible to give an unequivocal answer to the question of how long the hair stays away. However, you can expect the result to last for about three to six weeks after the first treatment. Eventually, if you epilate more often this way, the hair will become easier to treat.

Q2:Is synthetic film wax is best used for Brazilian waxing?

Ans: Synthetic film wax is used especially for hair removal on sensitive areas or on people with sensitive skin. Ideal for a Brazilian wax. This film wax is much more skin-friendly and free from pine resin. The risk of rash and skin irritation is lower. It’s a wax 2.0 say, renewed and hypoallergenic.

The wax does not break off and is particularly flexible. This makes this type of waxing less painful than normal waxes, as the wax mainly sticks to the hair and not to the skin. Use it with a spatula. For before and after waxing we have the following products in our range, which we strongly recommend using: Pre Wax (before) & After Wax (after)

Q3: What is the Ital Wax Brazilian starter kit?

Ans: The Ital wax Brazilian Starter Kit contains everything you need for a beautiful Brazilian, but also for hair removal from armpits and face. These products can be ordered separately or via the Brazilian Bikini Waxing Starter Kit. Use the starter set now to easily wax and depilate your bikini line yourself!.


Guys! hope so, you have carefully read the topic about the difference between Brazilian and Hollywood Wax. This is an interesting topic to you here. If you have any queries, you are free to ask in the comment section box.


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