Dowa WhatsApp Download 2021 (Updated Version)

Hello Friends! We are here with an amazing app for chatting, audio calls, and video calls for you, known as ” Dowa WhatsApp”. The Dova Whatsapp provides a good platform for chatting with your friends and family from all over the world.

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What is Dowa WhatsApp?

The Dowa WhatsApp is a mod version of the original WhatsApp app. It contains all the options that standard app has with more advanced features that common app lacks. It helps you communicate with loved ones.

You can message, share pics and videos. Make audio and video calls, put different themes in your conversations. It has no limit to sending audios and videos. The Dowa WhatsApp hack is created by Dodi Hidayat, a developer from Indonesia.

Dowa WhatsApp Info

Name Dowa WhatsApp
Developer Dodi Hidayat
Category Social
Size 36M
Version 2.19.274
MOD Features Multiple Themes
Updated 2 Days Ago

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Download Dowa WhatsApp Mod Apk Latest Version on Android for Free

  • The Dowa WhatsApp download link is given below.
  • You will be redirected to the link click once more to start to download Dowa WhatsApp Mod Apk
  • Uninstall the older version.
  • Change phone settings of unknown sources to allow make changes.
  • Install the Dowa app and enjoy all the features of the app.

This app is for those users that are irritated by the limitations of the original standard app. They want to free themselves to use messaging apps in a more accessible way.

Install Dowa WhatsApp Mod Apk Latest Version on Android for Free

By following these simple steps, you can install the Dowa WhatsApp APK app on your Android phone.

  • First, remove the main WhatsApp app from your phone.
  • Then click on the link above to download the Dowa APK app.
  • Now go to your device settings.
  • Go to “Security” settings.
  • Click “Enable anonymous sources”.
  • Go to File Manager and search for Dowa WhatsApp.
  • Open the file to begin the installation process.
  • Wait a few seconds for the program to complete successfully.
  • Now you can enjoy Dowa App on your phone

Dowa WhatsApp Download

Dowa WhatsApp Mod Apk Features

  • Gestures
  • DND
  • Multiple Dowa  themes
  • Long audio and video sharing
  • Emojis

Group Control

You can add up to 257 members in the standard app, whereas Dowa lets you add more members to the group. It has reasonable group control and the freedom to add as many members as the original app.

Themes for Dowa Mod Apk

This app offers more than nine themes. The original site has one standard theme. But Dowa app allows each color theme to try into your conversations.

Notification Icon for Dowa App

There are more than 15 notification icons available in this app. For each new notification, you can assign a new icon. When there is a notification, just by a glance, you can see that this notification is for that.

Then look at it to what is this notification says or discard it. At the same time, the original WhatsApp gives a single notification icon for all notification types.

Launcher Icon

There are more than 13 different icons are available for the launcher. Please choose your color of interest to set it for the launcher icon.

Background of Dowa WhatsApp 

Now in the Dowa WhatsApp Mod Apk app, there is a problem with changing the background. The option can be utilized via pictures or a solid color. Just tap once and choose what picture or color you want to set for the background, and it will be as you want it to.

Status and Stories

The original WhatsApp allows you to put status or story of 30 seconds, whereas, in Dowa, you can update status or put a story to 30 minutes. Incredible, you can put an episode of an anime on your WhatsApp story now!

Privacy and Security

The Dowa WhatsApp Mod Apk offers a great deal of privacy in chat, statues, last seen, etc. You can freeze your last seen, which means the Dowa app will show that you were active 8 hours ago; it does not matter in real whether you are online.

You can enjoy blue ticks, share your contact with specific ones without blocking them. Enjoy my time, and it also supports anti-ban protection and is safe to use. If someone takes a screenshot, you will immediately. So, be boss of your privacy

App Lock

Users feel uneasy when it comes to their privacy and what is more private than your chats. This app offers a sense of security by providing an app lock. No one can unlock it unless it is you.

Media Sharing

This feature of Dowa WhatsApp Mod Apk allows sharing pictures and videos of any length. There is no limit like the standard app to share your photos or a video of a certain size. You can send 100 photographs and videos at the same time.

Also, there is no limitation on sound sharing. You can share up to 100 Mb of audio in a single file, and 250 Mb of video can be shared.


Now you can share hundreds of emojis. This app has a splendid amount of emojis on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and telegram. There is another option to send emojis to your contacts directly.

Easy Connectivity

This app is the best option to connect with your friends and family members. You can connect to any version of WhatsApp via Dowa cheats.

Text Style

You can avail different text styles via this app. Italic and bold text options are present, but various other options are there to choose from.

No Forward Limit

There is no limit on forwarding the messages through Dowa WhatsApp. Forward single messages as many times as you want without limitations.

Dowa WhatsApp Mod Apk Review:

The Dowa WhatsApp Mod Apk is the best free messaging app in the world. The official version has received over 5 billion downloads from the Play Store, which is a huge number. Despite the many features of this excellent program, there are some limitations.

For example, limited media file downloads, privacy options, small customization options, and other similarities are important controls. Anyway, the latest version of Dova WhatsApp 2021 is excellent and very good. In fact, it is a different version of the original WhatsApp, but with improved features.

FAQs About Dowa WhatsApp Mod Apk

  • How can we download Dowa app?
    You can download the Dowa app by clicking on the download link given.
  • Is Dowa safe to use?
    Yes, the Dowa app is safe to use.


Hopefully! you have got much information about Dowa WhatsApp Mod Apk from this post. The Dowa WhatsApp Apk 2022 is best for freedom lovers. Gain more privacy control over your conversations. Avail of all the available futuristic features of this. There is no limit to sharing media.


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