FightBack Apk Download Free for Android 2022

Hey guys! Are you facing Problems in the fighting game due to closed points and limited funds? If so, you will love this FightBack  Apk with all the best features. Enjoy the best multiplayer fun now and go for epic battle fun.

FightBack Apk is a popular roll-on flame game that immerses you in special tasks that keep you busy for hours and excited on many levels. This game has epic battle, great game, perfect battle, interesting game and many more features.

In this game you are in a crowd in a world where you have to protect yourself from them and save your holy sister. You can improve your fighting ability during training and improve your character through challenging movements.

But as far as we know levels, episodes, costumes, premium items and much more are locked in at the beginning of the game. Most products can be unlocked through challenges and knowledge, but some require in-app purchases.

To correct this, I will show you the direct download link to download FightBack Mod Apk 2022. Read below and I will show you how to use this version of the game so that you can easily complete the task.

What is FightBack Apk?

FightBack Apk is a modified version of the game FightBack created by Chilling. With this there is no money and you can enjoy all the changes like right lock, button lock, and flat lock.

The game comes with beautiful videos and fighting sounds of characters like Street Fighter IV Champion Edition and Inequality Games.

  • Locking of clothes
  • Easy touch control
  • Adjustable clothing
  • Powerful weapon
  • Different types of games

One of the best things about this game is the pre-generational control with great knowledge of behavioral maneuvers. A game to rescue kidnapped sisters and to eliminate enemies coming at you, Enjoy a unique writing management experience by scrolling up and down the device screen.

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FightBack Apk App Info:

App Name: FightBack Apk

Offered By: Chillingo

Category: Action

Version: 1.8.0

Size: 180M

Get it On: Google Play Store

Updated: 1 day ago

MOD Features: Unlimited Money

Fightback Apk

Download FightBack Apk on Android for Free

Download the Thinkers game in the simple premium mode. Anyone with a bit of knowledge of Android devices can easily download them and install them on their device.

If you are new to Thinkers and don’t know how to create an Apk, you can follow the instructions below. I am writing this guide from a new perspective so that it is easy for everyone to understand.

Install FightBack on Android for free

  • Cache for FightBack: Open the archive folder in /SD card/android/obb/.
  • Must be /SD card/android/obb/com.
  • Cache of unused file size 175 MB
  • Install the Apk and play the game!

Features of FightBack Apk

FightBack Apk has many great features like Perfect Combo. Great graphics, intuitive touch controls, heavy weapons and more will make you feel like a professional fighter.

The following highlights some features of FightBack Apk. If you are new to this site and are having trouble downloading a modified version, the following features will help you make a decision with confidence.

Unlimited Financial Availability

The main source of funding for this game is to purchase powerful weapons, including characters and many other items, from the game store. That’s why FightBack APK has unlimited money services.

Join a Friend

In this game you can invite your friends to fight even more fun. However, you must be signed in to a social media account such as Facebook or Google Play Services to use the ability to play with friends.

Great Customization

FightBack Apk has beautiful clothes, cool tattoos and many other customization elements to make your character interesting. You can change the operating system settings to your liking.

Decisive Blow

One-hit kills are a key feature of FightBack Apk and can kill hundreds of enemies at once regardless of their strength. The best feature is that this feature is automatically activated when you enter the war zone.

Free position

After playing FightBack for a while, you will find that there are hundreds of interesting levels, but at first it is annoying because you have access to a limited number of levels. In the modified version of this game you can enjoy each level without reaching.

Mod Features

Here are some features you might like.

  • Exciting action
  • Unlocked Items
  • No ads
  • Multiplayer mode


The game is very simple; players go through 2D levels and fight with different groups of criminals that appear on the screen. Fight your way from level to floor in over 100 levels. Each level has time and there are about 3-5 waves of enemies. They attack you with a variety of weapons, such as fists, clubs, knives, and helicopters.

Quick tapping on the screen allows the player to tap and the player taps the screen in different directions. After completing each level, John earns money. Can weapons, defense equipment, clothing be purchased, or used to improve attack and defense? Check out another similar app and PUBG MOBILE.

Additionally, missions can be selected in any order, allowing players to choose where to go at any given time. The game also has a mode called “Way” in which there are endless waves of criminals who can accumulate money and rewards along the way. Play all day, make non-stop money and play with your friends on Facebook. Play against your Facebook friends to see who is the champion to defeat you.

FightBack Apk

Additional Requirements and Information:

  • Requires Android 2.3.3 or later.
  • This app includes in-app purchases.


Q1: Can I play this game without disconnecting the device?

Ans: Yes, root access is not required to run FightBack Apk, and you can play this game on a low-powered device.

Q2: Why is FightBack Apk not available in the Play Store?

Ans: In violation of policy, Google has removed inappropriate content and ads from the Play Store.

Q3: Are there any ads for this game?

Ans: FightBack Apk contains a lot of ads that spoil the gaming experience and user engagement.


FightBack Apk is without a doubt the best action game for android devices where you have to solve many mysteries to reach your desired destination. The game has good combat mechanics and game makers are constantly improving it for a consistent gameplay experience and high level user engagement.

If you like this game, don’t forget to share it with your friends, especially those who like to play RPG games. If you have any problems with this FightBack Apk or if its modded features don’t work for you, please comment I want to answer all your questions.

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