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How to Fix 403 Forbiden Error In WordPress

If you Facing with the 403 forbidden error on your WordPress in this articale we I’ll learn a few methods you can use to fix the 403 or the access denied error on WordPress.Now note For this Purpose we will need to login to Our Cpanel We can access our cpanel by visiting ur cpanel url i.e or by using an FTP Client You can Consider these FTP Client to access your cpanel

First of all we will look at all of our WordPress plugins and make sure that there’s not something wrong.we will deactivate all of our Plugins and Check randomly which plugin is causing the problem.after Logging into Cpanel open Public_html folder click on wp-admin and we will see wp-content click on that you will see Plugins area we will need to deactivate all the plugins fastest way to deactivate all plugin is to simply rename the plugin folder rename it as (deactivate).

Now go back to your website and check whether it works or not.if Your site works well it means we have one plugin which is causing the Problem For this Purpose we need to look at each plugin one by one.we will have to go back to our cpanel /FTP client to check each plugin Individualy.Now we will again Rename our Plugin Folder as Plugin which we renamed it as Deactivated before.Good thing is WordPress is Even we rename the Plugin Folder the Plugins Will remain in Deactivated mode even we again rename it as Plugin Folder.

Now we will Go ahead to Our Wp Dashboard and Login to our dashboard with our Wp Credentials and Go to Plugin Section.Now activate each plugin one by one and see which plugin is causing the Problem with your site.

if Your Problem Didn’t Solve with this method Another method we can look at is our ht access file.
In order to do that we need to access our Cpanel using FTP Client / by Going to your cpanel access url i.e

Now Open Public_html Folder and find htaccess file after you find right click on htaccess file and rename the file.You can rename htaccess file anything you want to you will have to rename this file other than htaccess.after you rename the file now go back to your site and check if it works or not another quick thing you will have to do is just go to your wp dashboard and head down to settings,permalinks dont do anything with the settings simply head down to settings and click save changes this is just to ensure that permalinks structure is same and all of the urls can be accessed and have not changed.

Another Fix we can do to Solve this Problem is to look at the file Permission in WordPress Folder and Files For this we have to go back to Our Cpanel/FTP Client to check every thing is fine with Permission of Files and Folder if they arnt we will go ahead and set the permission of files and folder in the right way to solve this issue.This issue may be caused with your hosting provider you should also check them and make sure everything is fine from thier side.

Note: Here We have to make sure that any changes in the Permssion can take effect on your whole site.

Now go to wp-admin in Public_html folder using FTP client or access this folder from cpanel right click on wp-admin and click on permission here we will see numeric value and Read/Write/Execute Mode Moreover we have option user/Group/world and we have options to Select or deselect .We can also see Numeric Value 755 Means that owner has permission to read write and execute and Public has Permission to just read and execute

now we need to make sure that each folder in the wp-admin folder has the same permission.then we will go back to wp-content and wp-includes folder and check the permission now make sure it sets to 644 and 640 and click on Change Permissions this will apply changes to all folder and subfolder and directories in the wp-content folder.

Now we will Come back to our site and check if it works and our site is accessible or not.

if its still happening You should Contact to Your Hosting Provider and ask them to fix this issue for You.

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