How to install WordPress Manually in Cpanel

In this articale we will learn how to install WordPress in cPanel and create your first website on WordPress.In WordPress we have three options for using WordPress.

  3. Local PC is where we can download the WordPress version (i.e any latest Version )and use its powerful features for free on unlimited domains, and also locally on your PC. The last one is for those of who want to test themes and plugins fast without the limitations of an internet connection. But in this articale, We will focus only on how to install WordPress from through your cPanel on your domain,
First of All we Need a Hosting with Cpanel there are so many companies which u can consider for buying cheap and affordable hosting you can consider one of these hostings

  1. Namecheap
  2. Hostgator
  3. Godaddy
  4. Hostinger
  5. Bluehost

Now Download WordPress Latest Version From WordPress Official website ( Download Completes Login to Your cpanel and Open File Manager.

File Manager Contains All Files of your Website including WordPress and other files.Open Public_html and upload downloaded wordpress latest version.
We can Upload WordPress Into Cpanel with two Diffrent Ways Either we can Upload it by Loging into Our Cpanel Account and Open File Manager and then Click on to Upload File Or we can Use Any Ftp Client to Upload WordPress into Cpanel Public_html Folder.

You can consider these Free Ftp Clients to Upload Files into Cpanel.

Now we Need to create a Mysql Database From Cpanel.We will go back to cpanel and head down to Database Click on  for Mysql Database

Now Create Database Name and Username /Password of Database remember these credentials better to write down in a Notepad /any where you would like to we will need these credentials when we Install wordpress in Cpanel.

After creating Database we have to add Databse and Databse Username and Set them to access each other Click on Save when Finished

Now Open a New Tab and Enter Your Domain Name i.e
Here we see a word press installation Window this will require Following Credentials to install wordpress on Your domain

  • Databse Name
  • Database User Name
  • Database Password

Enter All the Required information which are required to install wordpress and click on Install Button after Some Seconds WordPress Will be installed on Your Domain You Can Coustemize wordpress website by going to your admin area. Default Url for admin access is
Open this Url in Your Browser and hit enter this will open a window to and ask for Username And Password to access Your WordPress Dashboard where You can Coustemize Your Website and Add Plugins and Use its Other Features as well.

Note:Always Create Backup of your site frequently in a week or in a Month to avoid loosing your Data.

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