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How to reduce Electricity Bill in Pakistan

In today’s article we will tell you about ways to reduce electricity bills that are not only practical but also tried and tested and these methods are absolutely working, so let’s learn about these methods.

1.Old UPS battery

The first thing that increases your electricity bill is the old UPS battery. Whenever the UPS battery gets old, it increases your bill because its battery is getting old. The timing decreases and the charging time increases. This means that your UPS keeps charging the battery continuously but its charging can never be full. So this is a sign that you should replace your old battery and get a new one, and whenever you buy a new one, try to make sure it is a good brand.

2.Poor electrical wiring

Another thing that increases your electricity bill is the faulty electrical wiring in your home or the faulty wire used in this wiring or the lack of proper size for example in your home Heavy loads such as wiring in an ironing water motor or AC should be 729 because it has a high current capacity while a three-and-a-half wire has a low current ampere capacity. If you install faulty wires, your wires will be damaged due to high current and your electricity bill will also increase. So always remember that whenever you do electrical wiring, you will get a good copper wire from a good company. Use and choose the wire you want to attach to

3.Do not Use Electricity In Peak Hours

Do not use large loads of electricity in your home, for example, AC refrigerators, ironing, in peak hours. There are a lot of loads of electricity in peak hours, as there are peak hours in summer from 6 pm to 11 pm, so reduce the use of overloaded items in your home.Now a days digital meters that are coming They keep a separate account of the electricity used during the pack hours, so reduce the use of loads during the peak hours which consume more electricity.

4.Replace Energy Savers With LED Bulb

The fourth way to reduce electricity is to replace all the old energy savers in your home with new LED bulbs.
Whenever you buy an energy saver or an LED bulb, always buy a wide one. In addition, bulbs with a pin do not have proper connectivity and because of this the bulb does not get the right voltage which causes the bulb to break down quickly. There are 5 advantages of LED bulbs compared to energy saver and they are

1. Low wattage

The wattage of an LED bulb is lower than that of an energy saver, meaning that a 13-watt LED bulb emits more light than a 24-watt energy saver and consumes half the electricity.

2.Lumen efficiency

LED bulb light is much more than an energy saver

3.No heating problem

It doesn’t heat up when it runs

4.Life from More Than CFL

In addition, the life of an LED bulb is in the housing hours. The life of an energy saver is 6000 to 8000 hours while the life of an LED bulb is 50,000 hours.

5.More efficiency

The efficiency of an LED bulb is higher than that of an energy saver.

Try replacing your home’s old energy savers with LED bulbs. This will greatly reduce your electricity bill….

5.Install Solar Pannel In Your Home

The fifth way to reduce electricity is to install a solar system in your home and do not rely on WAPDA for your home. Solar energy is currently the cheapest electricity in the world, ie the country in which the sun is all year round. Solar energy works in this country and in a country like Pakistan, the sun rises 300 days out of 365 days of the year, so you can estimate the extent to which solar can benefit you. Calculate with as many solar panels as you can easily install. This will greatly reduce your electricity bill….

6.Use LED/LCD instead of Old TV

The sixth way to save electricity is to replace the old TVs in your house with new LEDs. The biggest advantage of this is that your normal TV is about 150 watts. Uses about power but within the same size if you have a 20 or 21 inch LCD with a power of about 25 to 30 watts then you can estimate how much less power will be used if If you are using a computer or a TV, it is best to use LEDs.

7.Replace Your Old Ac with New Ac

The last way to reduce your electricity bill is very effective. If your home has an old EC or an old refrigerator, you can replace it and replace your old AC with inverter technology because Whether the inverters are AC or the inverters are refrigerators, their biggest advantage is that they use 58% less electricity.
Inverter AC has very low start up time and their coverage area is higher than normal AC. Their comfort level is much higher than normal AC. Therefore, these ACs consume less power.You can reduce your electricity bill by using these methods