How to make entertaining Japan Tourism?

Hello everyone! Did you ever experience any tourism? If not, then I am here to explain some facts about Tourism in Japan that will encourage you that why you should visit Japan. Japan is steeped in the greatest preserved culture and history.

Japan country provides a great opportunity to its tourists by providing great archeological sites, important cultures, shrines, and also cattle sites. Japan provides the best tourism opportunities to its tourists. If you want to plan a tour In Japan you must know about the culture and rules to live in Japan. So, let’s discuss

Geography of Japan

Japan is the island along with four smaller islands. These islands form the part of “Rim of Fire” due to their specific location in northeastern Asia. These islands are extending from northern Washington to southern Baja California in Mexico

. There is much variation in the climate of different regions. The amazing fact is that most Japanese move to suitable places to adapt themselves to this climatic change.  Japan is so amazing in the context of study, opportunities, and tourism.

Local Laws to Follow for Tourism in Japan

There are some laws that you have to follow if you want to live in Japan:

  • Tourists must have their passports.
  • The passport is much compulsory otherwise you should have a Japanese residency card.
  • Avoid carrying out illegal drugs because the authorities do not allow
  • The authorities in Japan implemented charges on the drug addicts
  • If you want to work as an employee in japan then you have to complete your paperwork and also get your visa.
  • Alcohol is illegal in Japan. The legal age for drinking alcohol is 20 years. Allowing anybody to drink alcohol is not allowed while driving.

Travelling Method for Tourism in Japan

Some rules you have to follow while you have to travel to Japan:

  • Japan has made it easy for tourists to business travel and short-stay tourism to attract them. You cannot get a visa for tourism for more than 90 days according to Japan’s regulations.
  • You don’t need a visa in case if you are going as a tourist or on a business trip.
  • You must have to contact with Japanese assembly to check your visa in case of sudden arrival situations in Japan.
  • You have to follow the legal rules and restrictions implemented by the government of Japan

Top Five Places for Tourism in Japan

They are top five places for visitors to visit listed below:

  • Tokyo
  • Kyoto
  • Naoshima
  • Fuji
  • Hiroshima


Tokyo is Japan’s capital and also the most populous city in Japan. It is one of the most amazing of Japan’s prefectures consisting of villages, towns, and also city centers. Its location is so much amazing for the tourists to spend their vacations here. There are amazing restaurants, parks, museums, playlands, and also monuments to attract tourists to visit Tokyo.


Kyoto is the capital city of Kyoto Prefecture in japan located in Kansai. The population of Kyoto is almost 1.46 million. Kyoto is famous due to its amazing dancing culture. Amazing shrines and temples enhance the beauty of Kyoto. There are over 400 shrines and 1600 Buddhist temples In Kyoto for tourism. These places offer charming effects on tourists.


Naoshima is the island and house of art located in Japan’s Seto Inland Sea. It is famous due to its attractive artistic places and museums. It is a remote place and such a fascinating. There are sorts of restaurants for the refreshment of the tourists.

We recommend you stay there for at least two days to enjoy your vacation. These historical art places offer a great view and charming effects to its tourists. You must visit Naoshima because of its impressive and unusual architecture and also the modern art museums.

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. This mountain is located to the west of Tokyo on the main Island, Honshu. The height of this mountain is about 3776 m. Most of the tourists like hiking there.  Basically, it is located as a border between Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures.


Hiroshima is Japan’s modern city located on Honshu Island but it was destroyed by the United States.  The two atomic bombs were dropped by unites states in Hiroshima (City of Japan) on 6 and 9 August 1945. After that destruction crop growth and human life in this area were impossible. Roughly estimates that about 70,000 to 135,000 people died in Hiroshima due to the destruction by bombs.

Hiroshima is the Atomic Bomb Dome, surrounding the memorial park and monuments, and also a great Cultural Heritage site. Hiroshima is famous for hiking, cycling, anago, and also for ocean sports.

Last Words

Hope so, you have read this topic carefully in which I have discussed the facts about the tourist places in Japan. Tourism in Japan can be managed by the fully planned discussion of your consultants. Japan’s Visa and rules and regulations are a must for you to survive there. Our company is providing travel services to tourists visiting Japan. You can Contact us or you can also comment to us about what our company offers. If you have any queries regarding this post, you can ask freely. Thank You!







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