Pokedialer Apk Download Latest Version on Android for Free 2022

Playing Pokemon is always a unique experience. Players also want to set up elements similar to the game in real life with images such as wallpaper and so on. We present Pokedialer Apk here with emphasis on purpose and by fans’ request.

Fans can now install this app on their smartphones. Use Pokemon and anime characters to ring the bell. Accepting certain programs as default options now provides a different experience.

Where players experience real-world combat by drawing different characters, you’ll want to check out the content of the program. Well, download the latest Pokedialer app from here and take advantage of the Pro option.

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What is Pokedialer Apk?

Pokedialer Apk is an offline Android application. Where registered Android users and ordinary people can easily change the smartphone screen itself. Set up this amazing phone app with real Pokemon

The Pokemon game app is available online. It can be played online with various digital devices. However, most players prefer to play on other smartphones.

If we look for relevant information and search the internet, At the time, it was Downloaded mainly by millions of fans. These aspects are also looking for better solutions. This allows them to use Pokemon for a variety of purposes.

With fan attention and support, the developers were able to unveil a new version of the Android app. Now, in addition to Pokedialer Android, mobile users can use Pokemon on the phone..

Pokedialer Apk App Info:

Name: Pokedialer

Version:  v2.0.8

Size: 11 MB

Developer: Alen Ajam

Package Name: com.ajamalen.pokedialer

Price: Free

Required Android: 7.0 and Plus

Category: Apps – Communication

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How to download Pokedialer Apk?

If so, download the new Apk file. Android users can trust our site because we offer genuine files here on our site. To ensure that customers enjoy the right product.

We have already installed the APK on various devices. After installing the APK, we found it slick and usable. To download the latest Apk for free, please visit our website and click on the link provided.

How to install the Pokedialer Apk?

Previously, the app file could be downloaded from the Play Store. But now he can’t come there anymore. But instead of giving us an internal Apk download link, we have already found it convenient to install it on other devices.

We have already installed many other communication applications on our website. Which of these is ideal for multitasking? Install the following Apk files to test the programs. It includes Blue Kick Apk and BF Browser Apk.

Key Features of the Pokedialer Apk

Pokedialer Apk has some key features which are explained below:

  • The Apk file is free to download.
  • Registration is optional.
  • No subscription is required.
  • Easy to use and install
  • Installing the app provides additional functionality.
  • Where Android users can change the built-in subscriber
  • Changing the default dial helps create a Pokemon.

  • Where fans enjoy Game War
  • Real match options are not available.
  • Conflicts can only be resolved through built-in AI systems.
  • Third-party advertising is not allowed.
  • Many anime characters can be found.
  • The store houses various professional products.
  • The application interface is simple.


As a result, I like the premium features of the app. And is ready to install freely on your Android smartphone, then check out this link, download the latest Pokedialer Apk and check out the Pokemon battle dial

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