Raitara Bele Samikshe APK Download Latest v1.0.7 on Android for Free

Hello everyone! We give you the Raitara Bele Samikshe APK to let farmers know how to grow their crops. Raitara Bele Samikshe App Apk is a mobile app for farmers where you can take photos with descriptions of plants grown in your region. The Bele Samikshe Apk app helps farmers learn all aspects of crop research. Climate India has no ability to fight climate change. Even if you turn the harvest into food, farmers will always solve this growing problem.

The purpose of launching this Android app is to gather current agricultural knowledge. Are you interested in growing plants in Karnataka? The government provides loans to farmers.

If climate change destroys or destroys their crops. Most people are aware of climate change and its impact on agriculture. When it comes to the economy, agriculture plays an important role in the Indian industry.

As the agricultural sector grows, the country can plan to produce its own products. Therefore, the government can take advantage of any development. The Karnataka government has decided to install a computer and install the device.

What is Raitara Bele Samikshe Apk?

In fact, it is a new step towards advanced technology. With this control, he can easily calculate and estimate the content of food and its losses. They also provide cutting-edge technology and advice to farmers.

In this way, democracy can increase its profits and contribute to the economy. The farmer is defeated and the farmers pay compensation to the afflicted. This app is very simple and provides regular information to farmers through the app.

The product development deadline for 2020-21 is scheduled for August 24th. Finally, they examined every branch and plant. However, the local inspection system needs to be changed by 2020/21 to include the number of farmers looking for crops, crops, crops, crops, and crops.

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Raitara Bele Samikshe Apk App Info

App Name:                     Raitara Bele Samikshe APK

Version:                           v1.0.7

Size:                                 62 MB

Developer:                     Director of e-Governance, Government of Karnataka

Package Name:             com.csk.KariffTPKfarmer.cropsurvey

Price:                             Free

Required Android:      5.0 and Plus

Raitara Bele Samikshe Apk

Download Raitara Bele Samikshe APK on Android for Free

Here are some simple steps to get Raitara Bele Samikshe Apk on Android devices.

  • You can download the official version of apk file from Google Play Store.
  • However, due to device or store errors, the user will not be able to download the original file from Play Store.
  • We provide a link to download the original apk file of the article with the help of the user.
  • Click the Download button in the Raitara Bele Samikshe app.
  • Their download starts automatically on the smartphone.

Install Raitara Bele Samikshe APK on Android for free

Once downloaded, follow these steps to install or use the program.

  • Install the downloaded apk file.
  • Then start the installation process.
  • After the installation process is complete.
  • Go to the Pocket menu to run the program.
  • Sign up for an app that provides pocket numbers և IDs.
  • Now you can enjoy its benefits.

Features of Bele Samikshe Apk

There are some crucial features of Raitara Bele Samikshe are discussed below:

  • The program offers many features, including the ability to click and authorize.
  • Places where farmers can post photos as evidence.
  • Our website also provides you with this app.
  • Application required.
  • පැ Plant insurance plan selection number and study number for crop and crop viewing.
  • Implement low support costs and appoint suitable beneficiaries.
  • According to the RDRF, the RTC list of plant damage must be observed in the event of a natural disaster. Make a list of beneficiaries. SBRF.
  • Information about crop research is required for the above activities.
  • The Educated youth in the above villages have been identified as individuals and can be included in the harvest test with their help.
  • With personal assistance, farmers have until August 24 to submit their first crop test data.
  • Mobile numbers and ID numbers are required for registration.
  • The system user interface is fully compatible.
  • Farmers can send messages over slow internet connections

Raitara Bele Samikshe Apk

What is profit testing in Raitara Bele Samikshe App Apk?

Daungira (August 12): Harvesting is an important government project and farmers should receive state harvest as part of the study. Basically, private employees and departments gather urgently. In 2020/2021, however, the state government has fundamentally changed the crop observation system, which requires the download of yield data such as yield data, production, production and yield, and irrigation of farmers. You need to download Crop Search from the Google Play Store.

Raitara Bele Samikshe App Apk can be used for the following functions:

  • Search for numbers to select crop insurance schemes and crop control numbers.
  • Determination of the minimum amount of support and beneficiaries.
  • RTK List of crop damage that can be considered in the event of a natural disaster in the RFD. Create a buyer list. SBRF
  • Booker’s work requires knowledge of crop research and farmers are invited to participate in detailed research programs on arable crops, horticulture and forestry, silk, and other crops.
  • Young people educated in these villages are individually identified and can be used to take notes. With personal support, farmers can submit crop inspection data for the first time before 24 August.
  • Chantal, an agricultural assistant in Srinivasa, said farmers could contact central farm staff, tax inspectors, the village of Neeladri, garden assistants, and silk staff for more information.

Pros and Cons of downloading Raitara Bele Samikshe App Apk


  • You can download any type of program from third-party websites. In many versions, you can get the history by hand and download it as you wish.
  • Unlike Play Store, Instant Download, Browser, etc. No need to wait.
  • After the download is complete, there is an app in the system memory/memory card. This way, you can delete and restore it several times without downloading.


  • Generally, Google does not control third-party downloads. This can damage your device.
  • APK files may contain stolen viruses or corrupt your phone data.
  • Your app will not automatically update when it enters the Google Play Store.

What’s New?

  • Error corrected
  • Easy to use interface
  • Improved speed

We are confident that you have achieved your goal of recognizing the Raitara Bele Samikshe APK. We also recommend trying out some popular online applications


Q1: Is Bele Samikshe Apk 100% Free?

A: The APK files on Sciencerack.com are free, and on Google Play this site has a free APK file that you can download from the list. ) Apk files are very popular on Google Play.

Q2: When I install APK from softpik.com do I need to upgrade to Samikshe Bell Player Apk from Play Store?

Ans: Yes, my favorite “game store” is basically on softpik.com. Play Store and Play Store are some of the most popular games.

Q3: What is the name of Rita Belen?

Ans: The answer is yes. The project opens, depending on the size of the project.

Last Words

This review should answer all your questions about Raitara Bele Samikshe App Apk and then download and enjoy this awesome tool for Android and PC. If you like Raitara Bele Samikshe Apk, please share it with your friends and family.

The Raitara Bele Samikshe APP APK is located in the Developer Division and was developed by the e-Government Manager, Government of Karnataka. The average rating of our website is 3.9 out of 5, but this app has a rating of 3 out of 5 based on experience.

To better understand our users, you can respond to the Raitara Bele Samikshe APK on our website.



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