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REAL 11 APK: Hi guys! Here we bring a new topic. Real11 Apk is a new fantasy app that allows users to win real money on fantasy games in real-time. Provides a $20 bonus that can be used on paid tournaments. You can transfer your earnings directly to your bank account. Fantasy Game Real11 Apk

Dear fantasy stars! We offer a great new app that offers a lot of fun and less competition, increasing your chances of success. Today we talk about the Real11 Fantasy software and the Real11 link code, which gives you a reward of 50 rubles for testing the software.

Fantasy app for Real11 is a new fantasy app that already offers two types of fantasy games. The first is Kirkidan, the second is basketball. Both fantasy games are very popular on the site. Sign up today and start playing small games for big success.

Now you can play Mega League games with your friends for free, so if you invite someone you can join Mega League for free.

What is the Real11 Apk?

The Real11 Apk is a trustworthy and trustworthy sports platform in India. Depending on the product and creative ingredients, the number of users has increased significantly. Indian cricketers and football fans can show off their cricket and football skills in this professional game. By providing the best interaction and user experience, we can save a lot of money for those who play.

When our users sign up with the Fantasy Sports Association, we make sure they have the best experience possible. Here, fans can build their own handcrafted team from real players until the next game. Earn points with other fans based on their performance on the pitch. The alliance recently appointed former Indian soccer star Gautama Ghambhir as its ambassador.

Real11 Apk was originally just a cricket platform but now it has spread to other games. We now offer fantasy football. Participate in cricket and soccer tournaments and select your team for a series of matches. Real11 allows users to participate in any game, from small tournaments to larger tournaments.

Thanks to Real11, fans can change the team to their favorite audience. The space provides unparalleled access to a comprehensive understanding of sports and the larger sports community.

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Real11 Apk App info

App Name: Real 11 Apk

Updated on: 22 March 2022

Installs: 1,000,000

Ratings: 4+

Required: Android 4.0 and Up

Price: Free

Category: Games

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Real11 Apk

Download & Install Real11 Apk on Android for Free

Here are some important steps to download and install Real 11 Apk on Android devices:

  • To download the Real11 application, click the button above to start the download.
  • Once the email address has been entered. You will see the APK Download section of your browser. Before you put it in your phone Make sure some applications are downloaded to your device.
  • In doing this steps are usually as follows: Go to Menu > Settings > Security Use unknown locations. And set up your phone from a website other than the Google Play Store.
  • After completing the above you can download the file to your browser. Training programs are displayed and permits are required. And you can complete the installation.
  • Now click on it by pressing the install button.
  • When the exercise is over. You can use this software.

How to register the Real11 app?

  • If you have money. Subscription 100. The registration process is simple.
  • Let’s see how you get 100 rupees.
  • First, install the Real11 app on your device.
  • Open the app and enter information such as your phone number and email address.
  • If so, you can specify that the code is Real11.
  • Confirm your phone number in your email.
  • By verifying your phone number, you will receive Rs.
  • Then adjust your currency.
  • Enter your bank details and PAN card information to access your account.
  • Now, you are registered.

How to invest in a real 11 App?

  • You must add money to your Rael11 wallet to play Real11.
  • How it blends into your wallet
  • Open the wallet extension.
  • Here you will find an opportunity to increase your income. Add the money as an investment as you want.
  • Click the Add button.
  • He will then pay. You can pay your bills with UPI, card, or wallet.
  • The money will ultimately add to your account. Now you can use Eth Money.

Features of Real11 Fantasy Apk:

There are some important features of this app that will help you to know about this app:

  • Easy registration
  • Good fetuses
  • A new fantasy app with less competition.
  • The safest fantasy platform in India.
  • Free day games.
  • Play and win millions of rupees and good things.
  • Unique and nice interface, easy to play.
  • Play games to win up to 8 million.
  • Earn extra money and more rewards if you are at the top of the list.
  • Mention and receive real money up to INR 75 on each speaker.
  • Payment gate options are fully protected.
  • Gautama Ghambhir, Ravinder Pahal, and Taniya Bhatia were beaten twice to make money
  • You can withdraw your money immediately from the platform.
  • Real11 also has Spot Fantasy and Live Fantasy on its platform.
  • The platform is also planning to launch a new Ludo game in its app.
  • The allowance can be used up to 100%
  • Paytm Wallet / Paytm Bank / Withdraw directly from the bank.
  • Compete a lot
  • Free
  • Withdraw directly

What makes Real11 Apk Interesting?

  • The thing I love about Original11 so much is that it works through the telegram network with interesting players so you can get all the software updates.
  • The main focus is imaginary competition. Real11 offers competition for future local and international games, you can play it all.
  • If you prefer to play with your friends, you can use Real11 custom game code or create your own game.
  • You can make extra money by adding cash to your Real11 wallet and using the slots to make the app interesting because you can earn 11 real money to compete.
  • Friends, I hope you liked the features of Real11 Apk, now how this program works, how one participates in the real program of Fantasy 11 and 20 Rs. Stand.
Real11 Apk

Rules for Creating a Fantasy Team:

Here are some rules for setting up a nightstand company.

  • A group of players receives 100 points.
  • A team can choose a limit of 7 or 4 players.
  • There are four types of players: Gorki, Rocket, Multiplayer, and Professional.
  • The youth team consists of 1-4 goalkeepers, 3-6 rackets, 1-4 pitchers, and 3-6 players.
  • After selecting 11 players, select a selected team captain and a substitute captain.
  • The company captain and vice president must:
  • You will receive two points as a captain and 1.5 points as an assistant captain. Both players receive bonus points and are both responsible for the captain and vice-captain if you want to win real money. They have to choose who will win the war.
  • In real-time combat, the captain doubles his value.
  • The captain’s assistant has 1.5 points per game.

Fantasy Score Calculation

  • Even if there are 11 players on your team, each player earns 4 points.
  • Earn bonus points (2x) and subtitle points (1.5x).
  • Player XI is not on the list. 0 points per game.
  • There are no points paid in Super for the player’s performance.

Bonus points:

  • Very hot
  • Fifty
  • 7th century
  • Success rate
  • Economic rates
  • Choose 4 or 5 round moves.
  • You can learn more about Fantasy Point by visiting the Fantasy Point website.

Refund Winnings

  • With Real11 Wallet, you can delete the window by clicking on your bank account or Paytm wallet after completing the verification process.
  • Check your account before you make a profit!
  • Verify your account.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Real11 Apk Download


  • You can download any application directly from other websites. You can have different types of hosting applications and download them as per your need.
  • Unlike the Play Store, downloads are faster, no need to wait for checks, etc.
  • After downloading, the memory card/system has an APK file. This way it can be frozen and run multiple times without downloading.


  • Google does not track downloads from other sites. Therefore, it can damage your phone.
  • Several viruses are present in the Apk files that steal your device’s data.
  • Your order cannot be processed immediately because they usually do not have access to the Google Play Store.
  • Download Fastest Advance Fantasy Cricket App-Real 11. Real 11 Reference Code: Download the Real Fantasy 11 app and subscribe for 50 rupees – the fastest-growing best cricket app in India – the best fake app of Real 11 Apk.


Q1: How do you ensure 100% security for 11 unique devices by

Ans: If anyone wants to download the APK file at, we will search for the relevant APK file in Google Play and allow users to download it immediately (stored on our servers). If there is no APK on Google Play, you will find it in our cache image.

Q2: Can I download the Real 11 APK file from Google Play Store through

Ans: Yes. Google Play Store apps from Google servers that do not require downloading their services (page loading), as well as pages from If you find the current version of the Play Store app in the Play Store, the update will start.

Q3: Why do I need an Android device license to download the Real11 Apk?

Ans: You need to have access to certain operating system software. If you have installed this app, you will be notified of the required permissions to use the app.

Q4: What is Real11?

Ans: New addition to the current 11 games. It allows employees to earn money by playing games and playing real games.

Q5: Do you need a KYC certificate for the original Apk 11?

Ans: A KYC certificate is required for payment.

Q6: Why is Real11 not available on the Play Store?

Ans: The Play Store does not allow competition.

Q7: How to download Real 11 APK?

Ans: Go to and download the Real11 APK link.

Q8: Isn’t program 11 very good?

Ans: Yes, it is not good to use this tool.

Q9: Can I withdraw money from my Paytm bill?

Ans: Well, you can’t. So you must get income from your bank account.


In this section, we provide information on the most frequently asked questions about the current APK 11. After considering all these options, it will be easier to understand all the features of the program. Finally, we conclude that Real 11 APK is one of the best holiday APKs in the world, offering unique and exciting images.

You can use the free form to get started and get a more accessible alternative. Our security plan is clear. Check out this page, you may have a problem. It is very easy to solve our current problems. If you have any queries, you are free to ask. We work with our experts to get your work done as quickly as possible. Then download and share with your friends and family.

This page has been modified for the new device. This page has an instant download link. Please download this package for your Android phone again.




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