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Rules or Principles of a Success In Life

In today’s article we will learn about some of the habits that a person can adopt to be successful in his life. These habits have a direct impact on a person’s personal and social life. There is no desire in you that you do not have the ability to fulfill. If you look at your past, you will know that you have always wanted something and then got it. If you try your best to do that, you will have achieved that. You have been created to be successful. If someone calls you different from him, he is ignorant of the truth of the universe. No one gets success on the plate. It gets to those who follow the principles of the universe.

Principles of Success

Many things in the world did not come into being by accident. Similarly, success does not come by accident. There are some important principles for this. According to modern psychology, success is a science that is never achieved by chance. Success B is a system. There are some important principles of it. Every successful person achieves success only by consciously or unconsciously following these universal laws. Interestingly, even those who achieve great success They are following the rules but 91% of them are not aware of the principles by which they have achieved success. That is, successful people do not know the reasons for their success. Can tell what they did but can’t tell how they did it?

Some time ago, I met a very successful industrialist and asked him the secret of his success, but he could not give a meaningful answer.
However, if you know these principles before embarking on the journey of success, then the journey to success becomes very easy and short.
Sometimes it is very surprising that one of the people who have the same, intelligence, education, and skills is successful while the other is unsuccessful. One person succeeds more than the other. Similarly, one person fails in spite of hard work while the other succeeds with a little hard work. In fact, a successful person follows the principles of success and becomes successful. Anyone who follows the principles of success will not only be successful, but will also be able to complete the journey of success in years to months.

Now the question arises as to what are the principles of success. Many people have thought and researched in this regard. The main work of them was done by an American Neholyn Hill. He has achieved at least 20,000 successful and He studied failed people. Then he presented a research in a book Think and Grow Rich in 1938. In this way, the world knew for the first time why an individual succeeds and what are the reasons for failure? The principles of success are that they are equally effective in all areas of life.

Does success have to do with higher education, higher degree, higher intelligence, skills, expertise, hard work or luck? Unfortunately, this is not the case. According to Howard’s research, the role of higher education, higher degrees, intelligence and skills in success and development is only 15%, while the role of positive attitude is 85%. General education can improve your life. A good person. It can make you more knowledgeable. It can make you more respectable but it can’t make you one of the richest people in the world.

According to a Stanford University research, high intelligence does not play a significant role in a successful life. Absolutely not. The so-called great great artists, scientists, philosophers, and businessmen usually possess general abilities. But they have developed their specific abilities well. The role of is very important. Social intelligence refers to the ability to make social connections and connections with people.
Similarly, a higher education or a degree is not a guarantee of a bright future or financial prosperity. Brian Tracy estimates that 50 percent of college graduates in the United States are employed by people who have never passed the meter. The education system provides knowledge and information but does not teach how to use this knowledge. It does not teach the principles of a successful life. , And skills, etc., which are associated with a bright future and financial well-being only 15%. According to the April 2007 survey, a report was published. There was not a single PhD doctor from India. Unless knowledge is used, it is useless.

Successful, wealthy and successful people are not only successful because of their education but also because none of the billionaires in the world (such as Henry Ford and Honda etc.) have graduated from Henry Ford (owner of Ford Motor Company) and Honda (Honda Car Company). Did not study at any university.
Most of the millionaires have average education and intelligence. Mian Sharif had matriculated. At the time of his death, he owned at least 30 mills and large institutions. Bana and the other (Nawaz Sharif) was elected the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Thus Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain’s father Chaudhry Tahoor Elahi was a poorly educated policeman. He became a Federal Minister. At the time of his martyrdom he owned several mills. He was the head of the largest charity in Pakistan.
Some people think that higher education is an obstacle in the pursuit of wealth because a long period of education delays happiness. As long as a common man does his Ph.D. The leaf has become.
All over the world, it is emphasized that a child should get high marks. While high marks are never a guarantee of success. Unfortunately, nowhere are children taught the principles of success. Pakistani universities have high grades. Most of them are full of professors who topped their class but even these millions of people could not do what Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan did. Dr. Sahib was never always one of the first students. He failed in matriculation. But he had a fire in his heart to make an atomic bomb to save Pakistan. In this way, this lone great man did what even the most educated youth could not do.

Although intelligence and higher education are not a guarantee of success and prosperity, but with their help, the journey of years of success can be completed in months. Therefore, intelligence and higher education are very helpful in development. Admission is not possible without, for example, medicine, engineering, research and higher education. However, no nation can develop without scientists and experts. But higher education alone does not bring happiness and success. Pakistan’s universities are full of highly educated and intelligent people. There is a need to make these people aware of the principles of success so that they can not only be successful but also serve the country. On the other hand, hardly any of them have a Honda or Corolla car. Very few of them have met the standard of happiness. I know people who got first position in the university but they have failed and poverty. I am passing. Only with higher education and intelligence, very few people are happy and successful.
Most people think that success is achieved only through hard work. However, the world is full of hardworking and unsuccessful people who work day and night and do two jobs. They work hard all day but far from success and happiness. But for the majority, it is very difficult to pay the bill. With hard work, a donkey can never become a horse. Hard work alone is not enough for prosperity and success. What is the reason for their success? He has identified 30 factors of success and happiness. Out of them, luck is number 27. Luck also helps those who take risks, possess positive thinking, their fields. I am an expert, I work harder than ordinary people and I am steadfast. That is why it is said that the more you work, the luckier you become.

It will be helpful to know the principles of success before trying to achieve success, which will save you a lot of troubles and mistakes and will make the journey to success shorter and easier.

Here are the key to success

  1.  Think about success before you succeed.
  2.  Desire for success. Without intense desire for success, no significant success is achieved.
  3.  Perfect belief. Complete belief in one’s abilities and success.
  4.  Favorite profession. No one can achieve success without liking his work
  5.  You only need one idea to succeed.
  6.  Deciding to change your life.
  7.  Action. No matter how good the plan is, unless it is implemented, there will be no success.
  8.  Hardworking. Successful people are usually more hardworking than unsuccessful people
  9.  Problems and issues. No success is easy to achieve but there are many obstacles and problems along the way that cannot be achieved without solving them.
  10.  Failure. No success is achieved without failure.
  11.  Perseverance. Perseverance is the key to success. Successful people do not give up.
  12.  The full use of the unconscious. The success and failure of man is deeply connected with his subconscious. When one goes into the subconscious, he finds ways to put it into practice

Qualaties Of a Successful Person

There are some Qualaties of Successful person which they have these qualties are disscused below.


Successful people spend a lot in the way of Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty will bless you as much as you give in the way of Allah. It is very easy to follow this principle if you want happiness and want to give happiness to others. If so, help others financially.

2. Self-confidence

These people have full confidence in their abilities and success.

3.Positive thinking

Successful people always think positive.


Our performance revolves around self-awareness. The higher the self-awareness, the higher the performance.

5.Self control

Successful peoples have self control.

6.Good habits

Success is actually due to our habits. Successful people develop good habits that make them successful relatively easily.

6.Expert in field

No person can be successful unless he is an expert in his field. Successful people are the best in their field.

7.Dont Waste Time

Successful people are in control of their own destiny. They don’t waste time. They don’t procrastinate..

8.Team Work

No one succeeds alone, it requires cooperation with others. Successful people have good relationships with others.

These are some principles of Success which a Person adopt to be a sucessfull person life

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