Top 7 Money Management Apps for Investment

Juggling through expenses can be a challenge if you are newly employed or have been earning for a while and looking for Money Management Apps. The ever-increasing list of ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ could sometimes make it difficult for you to manage your finances. However, the solution to your budgeting woes is now available in your smartphone. You can pick from a wide range of money management applications (apps). These apps help you make online transactions and purchase financial products as well.

Top 7 Money Management Apps
                         Top 7 Money Management Apps

It is important to select a money management app that is efficient and reliable. The app must also enable you to organize your day-to-day expenses and work as a planner for you in the long run. As an app user, it is recommended to learn about the top-ranking apps and learn about their features.

Here is a list of 5 money management apps for you to consider:

PocketGuard, for a rearranged planning depiction

PocketGuard, a free financial plan application, interfaces your checking, credit, and investment accounts and distinguishes repeating bills and pay. Then, at that point, it shows what amount is accessible for ordinary spending by deducting forthcoming bills, reserve funds objective commitments and pre-planned cash from your assessed pay. PocketGuard consequently sorts your costs, yet you can likewise make custom classes and put down certain boundaries for them. Reward: If you truly need to burrow profound, PocketGuard allows you to send out exchanges so you can play with the information in your own bookkeeping pages.

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BankBazaar App

The BankBazaar App echoes the characteristics and benefits of The app is inbuilt with many financial features to help users manage their personal finances with ease. Some important features include –

Personal Finance Manager:

  • Lets you do a bank balance check on your multiple bank accounts
  • Track all your financial transactions, no manual actions are needed
  • Get an explicit graphical view of your monthly expenses
  • View your credit card outstanding balance and spends too
  • Get timely reminders on your credit card bills and loan EMI payments

Free Credit Score Report:

  • You can check your credit score for free and get details on your Credit Score report as well that explains all the factors affecting your credit score.
  • You can also get a monthly graphical representation of your Credit Score too

Other Notable features:

  • Lets you compare and apply for loans, credit cards, and fixed deposits
  • Get the latest financial news and tips for better money management and financial know-how.
  • EMI calculator to let you calculate your loan EMI calculations with ease
  • IFSC Directory to find all IFSC codes, addresses and contact information for all Indian banks
  • Get daily fuel rate alerts for gold rate, petrol rate, and diesel rates

So, altogether, this app fits to be an ultimate one-stop personal finance manager for all your financial needs.

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YNAB and EveryDollar, for zero-based budgeting

You Need a Budget (YNAB) is for the serious client, no question. It depends on the zero-based planning framework, so you should make an arrangement for each dollar you procure. It likewise requires monetary speculation of either $84 every year or $11.99 per month, following a 34-day free preliminary. (Understudies who give verification of enlistment get a year free.) Those who follow through on this cost can profit from YNAB’s many highlights. You can interface financial balances, put forward objectives, add to reserve funds and tweak spending classifications. You can likewise get to assets, as application client guides, planning exhortation and free studios.

EveryDollar is a spending plan application that assists you with following your spending and plan for buys. It’s custom-made for zero-based planning, which is a strategy where your costs are equivalent to your pay. With the free form of the application, you physically enter an exchange each time you go through cash to represent it in your spending plan. Or on the other hand pay for Ramsey+, which incorporates the superior rendition of EveryDollar (once called EveryDollar Plus). With this redesigned rendition, you can associate your ledgers for a more smoothed out experience and access counsel content and different apparatuses. Ramsey+ costs $129.99 each year following a 14-day free preliminary.

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Wallet App launched the Wallet app. This finance app is effective in monitoring your expenses and spending behavior. Its fundamental purpose is to help you create a budget. It links to your bank accounts and makes notes of your transactions. Here’s what you need to know –

  • You can use Wallet to devise financial goals and it offers tips to achieve the same.
  • The app enables you to get a comprehensive report either through your bank or any other legitimate source about your transactions.
  • This report would include graphs and your spending pattern. It would also contain suggestions that one could take for their current financial condition.
  • As a user, you could also share select bank accounts with others who also add to the account. They can contribute to the account via online transactions.
  • You can link all your credit and debit cards onto Wallet and make payments via the app.
  • It is also compatible with various currency denominations.
  • The app is additionally packed with features such as ‘money tracker’ and ‘Automatic Cloud Sync’.

Google Pay App

The Google Pay app is an online platform that lets you make easy money-based transactions. It is highly user-friendly –

  • You can link your bank accounts to the app. It lets you make direct payments to another person’s bank account through their account details or UPI ID.
  • It enables you to instantly clear out your monthly bills for utilities such as electricity, water, and gas.
  • You could also be rewarded with a Scratch Card on select transactions made through Google Pay.
  • The rewards on Scratch Card can go up to Rs.1,000.
  • All the monetary rewards would be credited to your bank account automatically.

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Mobiles App

If you are looking to have a personalized monthly budget made for you, the Mobiles app could an answer for the same.

  • The app’s features let you keep track of your finances and work towards your monetary goals.
  • It generates a customized budget plan based on your available finances and financial needs.
  • You can easily access information about your outstanding credit card dues and credit limit through the Mobiles app. Thus, it can help you regulate your credit card usage.
  • In addition to this, the app gives out monthly bill payment reminders. These payment alerts are designed reminders to help you avoid debts.
  • The information on your Mobiles app can be synced to the Cloud. Hence, your data can be accessed offline as well.
  • The app also simplifies repayments by categorizing your bills.
  • Furthermore, it stores past payment receipts.
  • You can also access graphs and reports which are built around your income and expenses.

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Money Manager App

The Money Manager App is a recommended app to oversee your expenses.

  • You can make use of this app to create reviews of your financial pattern across a period of time. It also helps you handle your assets and savings.
  • The app is useful to make asset-based transfers and monetary transactions easily.
  • The ‘spending tracker’ feature of the app lets you constantly monitor your payments and expenses.
  • You can make use of the ‘Bookmark’ feature to highlight your most frequent expenses for quicker payments.
  • Each transaction is categorized for you to easily access during the next payment cycle.
  • All your transaction data along with information about your finances will be automatically backed up by the app.

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In these cutting-edge times — when they’re in a real sense is an application for everything — it has never been more straightforward to follow your cash and remain on a financial plan. It’s an easy task to mechanize installments. It’s not difficult to define and follow monetary objectives. You ought to never miss a bill installment.

Envision sitting in your armchair and seeing each exchange that occurs across the entirety of your records, alongside a count of every one of your equilibriums. Indeed, it’s feasible to know your real total assets continuously, constantly, continuously, hell, constantly. Money management apps are your one-stop solution to organizing your finances and ensuring a planned budget. You can make use of these apps for hassle-free management of your expenses. It is, however, essential to learn more about the advantages and limitations of the app that you wish to download. As you can see, each app has its own unique features and characteristics. It is recommended to read reviews and choose an app that is most suitable for your financial needs.

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