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Useful Android Apps September 2020

In today’s article we will talk about some of the usable apps of Android which should be present in every smartphone as using these apps will be quite usable for you.

1.Access dot

Our very first useful app is Access dot. Its aspiration is taken from the iOS/iPhone. In IOS, it happens that if any app is using your camera and mic, it will be on the mobile screen. A green or orange or blue dot will appear which will let you know if the microphone or camera is being used in this app. You will get the same functionality in Android through this app if your camera or microphone is any app. You will know when using. In the settings of this app, you can also change its color, etc. If any app is using your camera in the background, you will get its notification through This is a very useful app. This is an early app, so it may take some time to fix its bugs, etc. There is no such built-in feature in any mobile yet, but it may take a while for this feature to come in the mobile phone. You can use this app.

6 Useful Android Apps September 2020

2.Zone Launcher

Our second app is Zone Launcher. New updates to this app have made a lot of changes to this app. Zone Launcher is basically not a launcher but an app that allows you to launch an app in a circle. With this app, you can create a folder of different apps and launch them as you wish. For example, you can create a separate folder for social media apps and place them there and launch them easily.6 Useful Android Apps September 2020

3.Life Lapse

Our third app is Lifelapse. You will also like this app. This app is actually a stop motion video maker. What happens in stop motion? We take one photo after another and then make these photos into a photo and then you Create a stop motion video. This app helps you. It takes a little time to always focus on a subject. If you are making a stop motion video, understand that it will take time. But this app That way, if you use a tripod, you can easily create stop-motion videos.

6 Useful Android Apps September 2020

4.Pin it

Our fourth app is very useful called Pin It. With this app you can pin any of your important work, for example, if you do not have to forget any work. If we see the Android notification many times a day. Pin it will pin the notification bar of our essentials in the notification bar. For example, if we have to submit the electricity bill, or bring groceries or go to see someone, you can do this. Just pin it through this app, its notifications will remain in your Android’s notification bar until you remove it from there or your work is finished. You can pin it and Remove the notifications from there.6 Useful Android Apps September 2020

5.Large file cleaner

Our fifth app is also very useful as the name of this app indicates that it cleans large files. This app will tell you about various videos and audios in your mobile or other How much memory is being taken. And if the internal storage of your smartphone is increasing and you have to clean it as we get a lot of messages on WhatsApp nowadays including videos. And we forget to delete these files which fills the memory of our mobile. If you have to delete these files then this is a great app through which we can delete large files. You can use this app as a cleaner.6 Useful Android Apps September 2020

6.Noti Easy

Our Final App Pay Notice Easy App This app saves and manages whatever notifications come to your mobile. Who knew that there would come a time when we would get tired of seeing notifications on our mobiles. With this app you can also block notifications. After that it also has the history of notifications for example.6 Useful Android Apps September 2020But if someone has received a notification and you have swiped it and cleared it, the history of this app saves the notifications that can be seen. This is a new app if you are worried about the notifications of the phone. So you can use this app…

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