Watched Apk Download Latest v1.7.3 on Android for Free

Hi guys! We represent here a media browser called the “Watched Apk” application. Watched Apk is an excellent browser that can be used to access all types of media content. You can enjoy multimedia content on different platforms through this mobile application. This type of useful browser application was developed by WATCHED AG.

Now you don’t have to go to the cinema or anywhere else, and you don’t have to go and buy tickets and pay for movie tickets to entertain yourself. This app will do it all for you at home.

What is Watched APK?

The Watched Apk app is described by the company behind it as the ultimate media browser offering endless possibilities. The app allows you to browse and enjoy the content but does not offer organized collections.

The app has free access to hundreds of TV shows and movies through various packages that must be installed separately. These monitored APK packages provide links to various programs and movies that you can stream from various sources and servers around the world.

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Watched Apk App Info:

App Name: Watched APK

Version: 1.7.3

Size: 9MB

Downloads: 100,000+

Updated:  2 days ago

Rate: 3.0

Watched APK

Download & Install Watched Apk on Android for Free

This Apk App is a trusted network that works with the latest forms of entertainment. Follow the steps below to download and install Watched Apk.

  • Click the download button to download the monitored APK file. The downloading process starts within a few seconds.
  • Do you agree with the other applications on your device? If not, go to your Android storage settings and turn on unknown sources.
  • It’s easy here. Go to the download section of your browser or open your file manager and go to your downloaded file when you find the file, double click on it.
  • Click the Install button, accept the terms, and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Go to the menu and click on the app icon to launch the app, grant the necessary permissions, and start downloading.
  • Now you can enjoy APK settings on your device.

Download Watched APK App on PC and Mac for Free

Step 1: If you want to use the application on your computer, first go to the Mac Store or the Windows App Store and find the Blue Stacks or Knox application.

Most web tutorials recommend BlueStacks and may be tempting because if you are having problems using Bluestacks on your computer, you can easily find Line solutions.

Step 2: Now that you have downloaded the emulator of your choice, go to the Downloads folder on your computer to find the emulator or BlueStacks.

  • Once you find it, click it to install the application on your PC or Mac.
  • Now click next to accept the license.
  • Follow the instructions to install the application.
  • The emulator application will be installed successfully by following the above steps carefully.

Download Watched Apk App on PC – Windows 7/8 / 8.1 /10 / 11 for Free

Here are some steps to download Watched Apk for PC – Windows 7/8/10/11 are given below:

  • Open the installed emulator application and find its search bar.
  • Once found, type VIEW in the search bar and click Search.
  • Click the VIEW application icon.
  • In the Play Store or App Store, the VIEW window will open and display the Store in the emulator.
  • Now click the Install button and like it on your iPhone or Android device.
  • Your app will now start downloading.
  • We are ready now.

Watched APK

Watched Apk App Features

There is no long list of features. It’s a platform for streaming content or a media viewer and does a great job. Here are some important features of the monitored application, discussed below:

  • You can access up to a hundred thousand programs
  • The monitored application becomes an effective tool when adding packages. You can add multiple packages at once and keep nearly a thousand shows at hand.
  • Leave a favorite program to jump to quickly later.
  • Very simple. You can easily add a show or movie to your favorites list. The application displays it as soon as it opens.
  • Share with your friends and Family
  • To watch programs, you must also watch the application installed on your device.
  • Support for resumes of watched programs.
  • If you give up in the middle, you can quickly return to the beginning of the episode.
  • Some servers have subtitles, so this is an added bonus.
  • The watch list supports multiple languages ​​through the settings tab.
  • Although not a feature of the application you are currently viewing, it allows you to choose between different languages.
  • However, the list of servers that stream movies or TV shows often includes sources in other languages. This is a great bonus.
  • This is a fairly general list that should apply to most media streaming applications as far as I am concerned. The application is still at an early stage and may add more features in the future.

Is Watched Apk App legal or Illegal?

There is a controversial issue on this topic, with some calling it legal and some calling it illegal. It is difficult to reach another conclusion. For simplicity, I have already summarized everything I have found on this subject.

The abuse you see is not illegal. This is a rapper or a visible link between the broadcast site and the program. This app is advertised as a multimedia browser.

The downloaded URLs are not streaming as a batch. The content of the stream has never been legal and has probably never been without mandatory and related license fees.

Is Watched Apk App safe?

These are stories, no doubt. How can a website or business find important information without asking? I don’t know what to say. Someone said the dog was sleeping! Popular programs are no more dangerous than other programs. No other permissions are required on my Android phone.

It is also important to be aware of the legal implications of this program in your country. Although I provided information on the law and use of the Dove program, it was not over. Be safe and vigilant!

More about Watched Apk

It’s a media store with exciting and entertaining Hollywood movies in English, old movies, and hits – all for free and in high quality. It’s a great app that English movie buffs will love. If you are a movie fan and want to watch foreign movies of many good genres, you must download and watch this app to be satisfied.

Now you don’t need to go to the theater or anywhere else or buy tickets for entertainment and spend money on movie tickets. This app does everything for you in your home.

Watched Apk is a media browser used to watch movies. This is a cinema app that helps you discover your best experience in an interesting way full of great movies and unpredictable conditions. This app only contains English series, the latest movies, hit movies, web series, and much more from your personal phone.

Requirements and additional information:

Minimum OS requirements: Android 5.0.

Apps need to be installed via an APK file when the “Unknown sources” option is selected in Settings > Applications.


There will always be a way to stream TV shows, movies, sports channels, news channels, and movies, TV shows, sports channels, news channels, and more on the web without paying. a penny. But such a law is always questioned. The Seen app is similar. It is even safer when you are exposed to other certified content.

There will also be more free streaming options, to increase demand for on-screen entertainment. The application under review, a new player in the market, is not yet known to many. It is difficult to predict what they will represent in the future. It is a great program that allows you to access all information and sales.

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