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What is Web Development

In the Web Development phase, your website materializes from design to application with functions and buttons. Among web specialists, the term “web development” usually refers to the main non-design aspects of building a website, and writing source code in web programming languages.

We invest in development. We use the latest technological solutions in the web field to implement any “wish”. We look for and find innovative, attractive ideas to implement any requirement so that your website benefits from modern features and complex functions.

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We Emphasize the Aspects that Make the Difference in Web Development:

We focus on the user: users are of utmost importance and at the forefront of every function;

We focus on details: every component of the website should work quickly and correctly. Non-functional or poorly constructed elements will only leave visitors frustrated and disillusioned;

Fast loading speed: a page must load quickly or you will lose more than half of your potential visitors;

Cross-platform or cross-browser compatibility: Different web browsers often have different rules for displaying content. We code and test a site with the latest software and platforms;

Screen resolution, adaptation to tablets, and phones: we skillfully use responsive technology to make your website look good and be usable on all devices

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JAVASCRIPT -Differeces and its Examples


Javascript Functions- Tutorial


Online – the Way to New Business Opportunities

Reach your maximum potential with a performing website! We have the necessary experience to offer you web development and online programming services to help your business move to another level.

The professionals on the Danco Vision team collaborate effectively to always deliver top-notch web products. We have a complete and complex approach to Web Development. Reaching the promotion strategies starting with the codes and technologies.

We master the most well-known technologies used, but we are permanently connected to the new ones appearing on the market: NodeJS/React.JS/PHP/MYSQL/JS / HTML5/CSS3, etc. Developers use their own DV code, but they can also work on client code or in known frameworks (Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Cake PHP).

Choose to work with us on website development projects for increased sales driven by more visitors and conversion rates!

Our Expertise in Web Development Services

Do you want a professional website, compatible with all mobile devices and browsers?



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