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“Promoting Global Health for all” can be called a global health mission that is a concerted effort to build “the future of humanity. So it was first launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013 and has been widely practiced in global health research and education. , policies and practices

At times, many members of the Global Health Research Program (GHRP) Advisory Board either agreed or disagreed with the concept of global health.

A Brief History

We now understand the concept of public health based on the literature of the past seventy-eight years. World Health as a scientific term first appeared in the literature in the 1940s and was later used as a guideline by the World Health Organization (WHO). Few researchers were concerned with global health before the 1990s. The literature on the subject has grown tremendously over the following decade as global health was promoted globally by the World Health Organization, the World Health Organization, and the World Health Organization. Ruled by America, President Barack Obama has signed it.

As an essential part of the country’s economic development, security, and international policy initiatives, Global Health USA has developed international partnerships to address critical health issues through domestic economic aid, development aid, capacity building, education, and research. . , policy development, and implementation

What is Global Health

Drawing on his experiences with Professor Zongfu Mao, the founder, and director of Wuhan University’s Global Health Program in 2011, and the launch of GHRP in 2016, Dr. Chen presented his insights on global health impacts at the GHRP Board of Directors meeting in 2019. , Dr. Chen describes universal life in three ways.

First, public health can be seen as a guiding principle, a branch of health science that specializes in many areas of public health and medicine [5]. According to many researchers, public health is the first guide for people who want to contribute to the health of all people globally.

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How Dispensers for Safe Water Works

Our example is simple. Villagers go to a common water station, place a bucket under the sump, change the valve to the correct amount of chlorine and fill the bucket with water as before. Chlorine pollutes the water in their homes. It is best to drink when it arrives. this is why it works.

Global Health Security

Global Health Security

What is ImmunizationImmunization
Food and Water
Food and Water



Our blue water dispensers are installed near water sources, making it easy for people to remember to use them and helping them build safe drinking water into their daily routine. By purifying the water on the way to the house, the time between treatment and consumption is reduced.


We contact local leaders before a distributor is installed and the community chooses a volunteer, “promoter” to guide and encourage the use of the dispenser, and notify us when refills or repairs are needed.


Our maintenance and supply chain ensures that the chlorine is always stocked and working. Problems are solved within 72 hours and the motorbikes are used by local staff to get around remote areas.


Research shows that the use of preventive health products decreases when the price increases slightly. By providing free chlorine, we ensure that those who need it most don’t have to make a difficult trade-off.


Promoting universal health is an important part of cooperation in building a shared future for humanity. In this editorial, we summarize our discussion at the 2019 GHRP Editorial Board meeting on the concept of global health. The goal is to foster consensus among board members as well as researchers, practitioners, educators, and students in the global health community.

We welcome comments, suggestions, and criticisms that can help us advance our understanding of the concept. We want to keep the concept of global health open and allow it to evolve with our global health research, teaching, policy, and practice.

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