What is Love?

A difficult question: what does love mean?

When asked “What does love mean?” there is no universal answer, because each person defines love differently and individually for himself. In the Duden, for example, the following definition can be found: “Strong feeling of being drawn; strong, feeling-based affection for a (close) person”.  In addition, It can also be based on spiritual attraction, for example, and does not always have to be physical. long with sadness and fear, It is one of the strongest feelings we can feel. We can love ourselves, the family, objects (hobbies, nature, animals), act out of charity religiously. If we think of the word and about it, the first thing that comes to mind is the romantic variant with partner.

What is love and infatuation
         What are love and infatuation?

Countless poems and films are about her, literature and song texts, quotes, and sayings. With certain symbols and signs, such as a heart, we know directly what is meant. We meet this in lettering, we see it on the street when an older couple is holding hands. But what does it mean?

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The difference between love and being in love

Those who are freshly in love often speak of the well-known butterflies or a tingling sensation in their stomach. In the initial phase, we are excited when we meet our partner and our body releases more dopamine, which is also known as the happiness hormone. This phase lasts differently for each couple, but usually, it is over after a year at the latest.

From the initial falling in it then develops these feelings. This means that we feel a deep bond with our partner and develop a feeling of togetherness, which is reinforced by the rise in the hormone oxytocin. Routines set in the partnership and the feeling of being in love disappears.

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What does love mean What it means to really love someone?

There is no general answer to this difficult question. Because if you ask a hundred people, you would probably get a hundred different answers. For example, Plato found: “It is a serious mental illness.” The playwright Euripides replied: “Of all diseases, love is the healthiest.” Bertold Brecht defined love as follows: “It is the desire to give, not to receive” and Rainer Maria Rilke once said: “This is what It consists of That two lonely people protect and touch and talk to each other.”

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What does love mean: the stages of a relationship? 

Because the relationship seems less exciting at this point, many couples split up after the first phase. We mistakenly assume that we no longer have feelings for our partners and suddenly discover characteristics in them that bother us. In addition, you miss the initial infatuation, the touch may be less, the sex life falls asleep or jealousy spreads.

However, instead of thinking about a breakup at this point, try to address the issues. True love only begins when a couple grows together, compromises, and accepts each other. In this phase, it is completely normal to doubt whether you have really found your partner for life and to ask yourself the question ” Should I break up? ” However, you shouldn’t give up the relationship right away.

Couples who survive this phase can then look forward to a very trusting and stable partnership. You have experienced ups and downs together, you know each other’s quirks and know how to deal w ith them. In this phase of the relationship, you can speak of true, because our partner gives us the feeling of security and gives us support.

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Love – a strong feeling

Duden defines love as follows: “a strong feeling of being drawn; strong feeling-based affection for a [close] person.” So love does not always have to be physical, it can also be based on spiritual affection.

Most of us dream of one great love. Only a fraction of the people experiences it. It is not uncommon for us to experience several loves in life. And if it is there, love lets us uproot trees and be blissful. But love can also be different. She can make us suffer. So much so that in lovesickness we feel real heartbreak, so strong that we think love doesn’t even exist. Sometimes we lose faith in love.

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Difference between love and infatuation

If we feel butterflies in our stomach, can no longer eat, and can think clearly that we miss the other person as soon as he or she is out the door, if we are virtually losing our minds, then one can think of being in speak.

The American anthropologist Prof. Helen Fisher researched love in the early 1990s and was one of the first scientists to measure what happens in the brain of people in love: the messenger substances norepinephrine, dopamine, and oxytocin (the bonding hormone) is released, which is why we – similar to the Effects of a drug – feeling puffed up. We need less sleep and our sexual desire grows.

What is love? Neurologically not the same as being in love

Research has shown that being in love and it is not the same neurologically either. “It is not just an emotion,” says psychiatrist and sexologist Dr. Francesco Bianchi-Demicheli from Geneva. “That would mean ignoring everything that falling in it triggers our brains. It  affects the whole brain, it is a dynamic phenomenon.”

Together with Stéphanie Ortigue, Bianchi-Demicheli found out in a study from 2016 that deep and intimate in our brain is made up of several regions and is therefore scientifically different from being in it.

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How to recognize real love

But how do we recognize love as a feeling apart from all neurological knowledge? What if the butterflies in your stomach are rarely seen after years of a relationship? When we can say ” I love you ” with full conviction?

“It is an independent force with many names, for example, trust, appreciation, respect, honesty, tolerance, loyalty – to name just a few,” says relationship expert and therapist Birgit Natale-Weber. “The sum of our experiences since birth determines our later interpretation of it.”

This is preceded by the fact that we reflect and feel ourselves so that we can perceive. “This is how we gain self-confidence and self-confidence and recognize what we need for it ‘”. When we love someone, we meet them at eye level, give them space, and are interested in finding solutions to (relationship) problems.

How can you keep love going?

A relationship should never be taken for granted. On the contrary, it has to be worked on constantly and love has to be nurtured. Therefore, you should always surprise each other, try new things and get to know other sides of the partner.

Couples in long-term relationships also emphasize again and again that it is important to preserve your freedoms and not to become dependent on your partner. After all, you are still an independent individual with very personal interests and needs. Another important aspect. Only those who can accept themselves and have developed healthy self-confidence can transfer this to their loved ones.

And last but not least, it is important to keep in touch with your partner, to talk about each other’s wishes and to show interest in them. For many couples, mutual respect is the key to long-lasting love.

In this article, you can find out what answers different people have given to the question.

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