What Is Seo (Search Engine Optimization)?

In today’s article we will learn what SEO is and how SEO is done.Seo Stands for “Search Engine Optimization” If you have SEO of your website then you will get good traffic through SEO. There are various search engines in the world such as






What is SEO and How it Works?

If anyone in the world wants to find some information on the Internet, they first open a search engine. 73% of the world’s people use Google. Whenever someone goes to Google. And if he wants to get information on something, he types something in Google’s search engine, then he sees a lot of websites, all over the world, there are websites on Google about this information, all of them are visible on Google.

There are 80% of the people in the world only see the website that appears on the first page and 20 % People see the rest of the page and it is also seen that people only see the website that appears on the top page. 80% of the world’s people only look at the websites that appear on the top.SEO is needed to bring the website to the first page whenever people search in Google and SEO Because your website appears on the first page of Google and people click on it to visit your website, this is the time when they become your customers. If your website is on Google and If it is not on the first page then more people will not come to your website and you will loose Your ranking.

Have we ever wondered why a website ranks first or second in Google results when we search on Google?
Because every website has a different ranking and we also call it page rank.

Previously, every website used to be on the first page of Google because of keywords, but later in 1996, two PhD students Larry Page and Sergey Byrne invented something new that There should be a link to another website it is called Backlink to show it on the top page of search engines.The keywords are still so important, but at the same time, the backlinks are also very important for the ranking of the website.Google views your website with keywords and Google trusts your website as much as the backlinks Your website have.

How Search Engine Views a Website?

Search Engine Views Your Website in Two Ways

On-Site Optimization / On Page Seo (Keyword Relevance)

In On Page SEO You will have to work on Seo Friendly articales and keyword research For this Purpose there are many Plugins and Tools Available to consider You can in order to write seo friendly articales You can consider these plugins if your website is on WordPress

No matter how many keywords you have on your website, they are relevant or notFor example, if you are looking for ATM machines in London
So there’s an ATM Machines
London Words must exist in Your Keywords

Off-page optimization / Off Page SEO

In Off Page Seo We need to create backlinks of a website to rank our website in search engines.This means that your website must have Quality backlinks. Quality backlinks means that your website link must be present in Social media blog posts, guest posts, blog comments, forums. The more quality backlinks, the better the ranking of the website is

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