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Whats App Upcoming Features will make You crazy

Today we will talk about WhatsApp Upcoming Features which is not yet released but these features of WhatsApp will be released soon. WhatsApp is the most used Android communication app in the world through which messaging, phone calls and video calls can also be made. In addition, the necessary files can be transferred from one place to another through WhatsApp easily in a few seconds. Upcoming Features of whatsApp are Discussed below.

1.Multi-device support

WhatsApp is finally working on multi-device support. First of all, we have seen that if your WhatsApp is logged on one mobile, it cannot be logged on another mobile. That is, you can run WhatsApp on one desktop computer at a time if your WhatsApp is logged on mobile, but WhatsApp cannot run on two mobiles at the same time. This is what happens when your WhatsApp is running on a mobile phone. If your mobile phone is switched off, then the WhatsApp is also switched off on the desktop. The only thing that is about to change is that WhatsApp Multi Device Support Is working on. And now 4 mobile devices can be attached with one account, ie one WhatsApp account can be logged on four mobile devices at a time. WhatsApp team is now working on this feature. But it’s not yet finalized how multi-device support will work.

There are two ways to implement this. The first way is to create an app similar to the way we use WhatsApp on the desktop by logging in to WhatsApp on 4 devices. It should be taken. The main mobile should be the same but it should be logged on other devices with the help of this app. This is a very interesting thing through which we can run WhatsApp even on such devices on which we could not run WhatsApp before. And the other way that WhatsApp is searching is that you are given four logs on top of the same account, ie you can use the same account on four devices, so you have four WhatsApp account data. It will be downloaded simultaneously on mobile phone.
The problem with this is that if you are using the LTV version, if you come across an image, it will be downloaded to all four mobiles. If you are using mobile data, there would be problem for your data


Storage is a big problem on WhatsApp. Normally it happens that if we have a smartphone with 64 GB memory, then a large part of the memory is taken up by the WhatsApp file, apart from all other apps of WhatsApp. Used memory is high. The problem is that WhatsApp allows you to delete someone’s chat, but it doesn’t allow you to find and delete a large media file. The file has to be found and deleted. WhatsApp is going to solve this problem now because WhatsApp is now putting a lot of effort on top of the storage. With this feature, the large files that you have will be shown separately. You do not need to delete the chat because the specific file has more memory so you can easily delete this file and the amount of memory your WhatsApp has consumed will also be shown there. Has been updated and this is a feature that we will get in WhatsApp very soon. Because this feature is very much in demand.

3.Send WhatsApp Using Facebook / Instagram

The third feature that we get in WhatsApp is that it shows that WhatsApp has become Facebook. Basically, WhatsApp was bought by Facebook some time ago and Instagram is also an app of Facebook and these three Applications work separately, the next update is that we will be able to send WhatsApp to anyone on Facebook via their WhatsApp number. You can do the same thing on Instagram but this thing It will also be seen how WhatsApp users will control spam in it as there will be a lot of people who will send messages on WhatsApp through Facebook as it is normal on mobile phone that if someone bothers you If you are doing this, you can also block its number. But in Facebook, since Facebook is free, there is a lot of spam in it, but it can be a very interesting feature.

4.Vacation Mode

WhatsApp will launch this Upcoming feature that is for those who want to take a break from WhatsApp for a while, you can turn on the vacation mode. In vacation mode, you will normally have a pure chat show. This means that if you haven’t been replying to a chat for a long time, you can set that you can block notifications if You hasn’t responded to someone’s message in the last two months. Or if you do not reply, you will not receive any notification from that person at all. If you don’t reply to someone, their notifications will be turned off automatically. You will not receive any notifications From that person. This feature is a great feature.

5.Anotation Editing

The final feature that will be coming to WhatsApp very soon is Annotation Editing Basically. When you are sending a message to someone on WhatsApp, it is much more difficult to align the text. When you are editing an image on a good editor, when you go to its center, the line comes up that it is the center of the image, then this feature is also coming to WhatsApp.this feature may be available on the next whatsapp Update.

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