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Taking into account the need for a clean and sustainable environment, more and more companies are concerned with reducing the amount of waste that causes pollution and that can affect people’s health. In addition, the Environmental consultant in force aims to achieve the object of activity with as little impact on the environment as possible, a fact that calls for the presence of a specialist within the company, namely an environmental consultant or an environmental manager.

Environmental consultant

Although the environmental manager and the environmental consultant have as their main task the implementation of the necessary measures to protect the environment, they have different tasks and know-how. Calling on a consultant or environmental manager, companies and organizations seek to improve the efficiency of the entire process of managing the impact produced on the environment, minimizing the level of pollution, but also the costs related to the management of the waste generated by society.

Find out, in the lines below, why environmental protection and consulting services in this field are important, what are the differences and similarities between an environmental manager and an environmental consultant, and in which situations you can call on such a specialist.

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What does the Environmental Legislation Say?

Before looking for the two occupations in the COR, it is necessary to identify in the existing environmental legislation the mandatory appointment of persons to manage the environmental problems of the companies.

The specific duties of the environmental officer appeared mainly due to the requirement provided in the GEO. no. 195/2005 on environmental protection, by which legal entities that carry out activities with a significant impact on the environment organize their own specialized structures for environmental protection. According to this requirement, the companies that hold environmental authorization and are considered, through the prism of the activities carried out, to have a significant impact on the environment are mainly targeted.

Another legislative request can be found in Law no. 211 of 2011 regarding the waste regime, this time addressed to all waste generators, regardless of activity, capacity, possession or not of the environmental authorization and which mentions the fact that “the holders/producers of waste legal entities, traders, as well as economic operators, have the obligation to designate a person from among its own employees to follow and ensure the fulfillment of the obligations stipulated by this law or to delegate this obligation to a third person”; the appointed persons must be trained in the field of waste management, including hazardous waste, as a result of graduating from specialized courses.

Green Environment Support

The Green Environment Support can provide support for the correct identification of the types and quantities of packaging, EEE and BA placed on the market, the identification of the best solution to meet the annual objectives for the recovery of packaging/EEE/BA waste, establishing the relationship with OTR – the collectors/recyclers involved in the entire chain of waste traceability, the preparation of declarations to the Environmental Fund Administration (AFM), being a dynamic company, active in the environmental outsourcing market for over seven years, with a valuable team of engineers and consultants in Bucharest, Timisoara, Iasi, Club, and Brasov.

The company offers complete, efficient, and personalized services, from consulting and staff training, drafting specific legislation reports to environmental studies and drafting documentation in order to obtain regulatory acts. Green Environment Support is certified for the management system according to EN ISO 14001:2015 and EN ISO 9001:2015, by TÜV Austria Cert GMBH.

Among the companies that use Green Environment Support solutions are Banca Transilvania, CA Immo, Chamber of Financial Auditors from Romania, Cami Comexim, CEL.ro, Chopstix, Dental Med, Dr. Oetker, Flormar, FreyWille, Capitol Hotel, Lagardere Travel Retail, Mapei, Romfracht, Sofiaman, Vacamuuu.

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