Best Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills

There are several Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills. Without listening and summarizing what the other person is trying to say, you won’t be able to communicate effectively only with verbal skills.

Here, we’ll discuss how to improve your listening skills.

Tip 1: Hear the language as much as possible

Surround yourself with the language all the time. You should hear them constantly and everywhere: on the way, in the car, during sports, etc. Music, series, television, films, and audiobooks are ideal for this.

With a far-reaching immersion, you can greatly accelerate this process.

Best Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills
              Best Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills

Listen actively as much as possible. Even if you listen to music or watch a series with subtitles. Always try to understand what it is about. Try to hear what words are being used.

Also, hear the language passively (i.e. without paying attention in the background). E.g. when you have to concentrate on something else (on the way, at work, etc.).

Of course, active listening is most effective. But passive listening also helps when active is not currently possible.

Tip 2: Watch videos

When watching foreign language videos, focus on what is being said. You do not maintain this concentration all the time. Otherwise, it quickly becomes too stressful. But every now and then listen very carefully for 1 minute. Try to identify and understand each word. This is the Best Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills.

Tip 3: Find your favorite passages

Find passages in films (or songs or audiobooks) that you particularly like. Listen to them a dozen times. Until you have understood as much as you can. Then write down what you have understood.

In the next step, you compare what you wrote down with the original text and look at your mistakes. Listen to this passage again. This time you listen carefully and you can recognize your mistake.

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Tip 4: Don’t pay attention to everything at the same time

When watching a foreign language film, establish a listening goal. Paying attention to everything at the same time is often overwhelming and therefore demotivating. But if you focus on something specific in the dialogues, you will see results faster.

You can z. B. make only pay attention to numbers. Whenever a number is mentioned, you tap on the table. Or you pay attention to certain groups of words. The next tip is suitable for this.

Tip 5: This is how it is really fun: Have a quick drink

Watch a movie about it. Pick a word that you’ve only recently come to know. Every time you hear the word, you have a drink. Then expand that to include several words. For this, you can z. B. make a list.

To get as much of this exercise as possible, you shouldn’t have too much alcohol in your glass. Otherwise, you will get drunk a little too quickly and then the exercise will no longer help :).

You can also play this exercise with your friends. Then those who have not heard the word first must always drink. It doesn’t have to be alcohol, of course. You can play this with candy too.

Tip 6: speak to native speakers

Speaking shouldn’t be neglected either. This will also help you with your listening comprehension. You train your listening comprehension, especially in conversation.

Meet with native speakers in person. Body language makes it easier to understand what the other person said. Many body language signals are lost over Skype or over the phone. These will help you understand what has been said.

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Tip 7: Go easy on listening comprehension

You shouldn’t stress yourself if you don’t understand something. When you study with stress, it blocks you. That makes it even more difficult to understand.

Sometimes you see progress quickly and sometimes progress doesn’t come as quickly. This is completely normal. You need a lot of patience, especially to improve your listening comprehension.

Tip 8: improve your listening comprehension with special courses

Another possibility to specifically improve your listening comprehension in a foreign language is through special language courses. We recommend the Mosalingua Mosaseries for this.

The excellent language courses are based on the recipe for success from television series to keep your motivation and attention high while learning –  the cliffhanger.


Listening comprehension is a difficult skill to improve. But the exercises don’t have to be monotonous and dumb. If you do it right, it is really fun and brings a lot. I hope you are now ready to improve your listening skills in English, French, Spanish, Italian, or German. How do you improve your listening comprehension? Do you have your own favorite tactics that you don’t want to withhold from us? Then leave them to me in the comments.

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