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We know, a road Car Accident with victims is a very sad event, but we are by your side to reduce your suffering! In what way? Helping you obtain RCA compensation from the insurance company of the driver responsible for the road accident.

The Car Accident Lawyer can get you compensation for road accidents with victims, with the lowest success fee in the country, 20% of the compensation obtained, with all taxes and expenses included.

Car Accident Lawyer

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Good to know About Car Accident Lawyers:

  • Compensation can be obtained even if you were in the car of the guilty driver, you are not at fault!
  • compensation can be obtained even if the guilty driver is someone close to you (friend, spouse, relative, etc.) without making his criminal or civil situation difficult, so the guilty driver will not suffer or have to pay if ask for compensation of a Car Accident.
  • Compensation for the Car Accident Lawyers can be obtained from the RCA insurance company even if the guilty driver does not have an RCA policy or has one, but it is concluded with an insurance company from another country, for example in Bulgaria, Italy, Germany or Great Britain.
  • Compensation can be obtained even if both drivers involved in the accident are at fault – in such a situation joint fault will be assumed and the compensation will be halved.
  • Don’t rush to sign anyone, or anything, make sure you leave yourself in the hands of a professional!
  • What do you have to do? Call 0742 829 771 and make an appointment with us at the office or wherever you want to take over your case.

JGV’S View on Motivational and Justification of Obtaining Damages for our Clients

JGV and Associates do not deviate from the principles of professional ethics. Ionuț Jerkin, Lucian Gheorghe and Catalan Lad, the founding partners of our law firm from the Car Accident Lawyers, have as a priority the resolution of each file for the benefit of the client. Objective achieved exclusively through compliance with professional ethics.

This principle is recognized both by the clients we have successfully represented until the completion of the filed actions, as well as by the public institutions or private partners with whom we collaborate.

The client-lawyer partnership is an extremely important one for us to hire a good Car Accident Lawyer. The JGV team builds relationships based on: trust, honesty, and confidentiality. The way the client perceives and analyzes our professional and personal behavior is the best business card we can get.

WHO can Obtain RCA Compensation in the Event of a Road Accident Causing a Death

Road accident with personal injury – anyone who has suffered an injury as a result of a road accident and who was not entirely at fault for the accident, can get RCA compensation. As a guideline, in the case of road accidents with bodily injury, approximately 1000 RON is obtained for each day of medical care recorded in the Medical-Legal Certificate.

Road accident with death – all relatives of the deceased – children, siblings, grandparents, parents, husband or wife – are entitled to RCA compensation. A child can obtain compensation for the death of the parent of approximately 130,000 euros and the parent can obtain RCA compensation, for a deceased minor child, of approximately 150,000 euros.

What to do in case of a Road Traffic Accident?

  • If you need the assistance of a lawyer in your Society helping is your right in the auto business, follow these instructions:
  • Call the police immediately;
  • Contact your doctor (or other health care provider) as soon as possible and make sure you have any injuries, discomfort or pain;
  • Please contact SAAK. The agency will send you a claim for compensation;
  • Ask your physician (or another physician) to complete the “Medical Report” section of SAAQ’s application form;
  • Remember to check in with your doctor regularly. Do not hesitate to consult a professional if necessary;
  • You can easily get legal advice about your rights and obligations;
  • Don’t miss deadlines when submitting forms and/or reports.
  • Request a copy of your medical file;
  • Keep copies of all relevant documents and notices.

Why is it so informal – especially in minor cases? No matter how skilled and experienced your lawyer is, he wants to be able to rely on information that is as reliable as possible.

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