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The objective of the European Judicial Network for Criminal Justice

The objective of the European Judicial Network is to improve judicial cooperation and also focus on Criminal Justice between the member states of the European Union at a legal and practical level in order to combat serious crimes, especially organized crime, corruption, drug trafficking, and terrorism.

The principle underlying the European Judicial Network is very simple: the identification of relevant persons from each member state who play an essential role in practice in the field of judicial cooperation in criminal matters, in order to create a network of experts to ensure the proper execution of requests for legal assistance mutual. The European judicial network has a special significance in the context of the application of the principle of direct contact between competent judicial authorities.

What is Criminal Justice

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Composition of the European Judicial Network

The European judicial network for Criminal Justice is composed of contact points of the member states, as well as of the European Commission. National contact points are designated by each member state from among the central authorities in charge of international judicial cooperation, judicial authorities, and other competent authorities with specific responsibilities in the field of international judicial cooperation, both in general and for certain forms of serious crimes, such as organized crime, corruption, drug trafficking or terrorism.

Announcement for Criminal Justice

Regarding the procedure by which the prosecutors who will carry out the criminal investigation in the cases regarding crimes committed by judges or prosecutors, under the competence of the Criminal Investigation and Forensic Section of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, will be proposed, with a view to appointment

In accordance with the provisions of Law no. 49/2022 regarding the abolition of the Section for the investigation of crimes in the judiciary, as well as for the amendment of Law no. 135/2010 regarding the Criminal Procedure Code

Assignments of Contact Points for Criminal Justice

Contact points are “active intermediaries”, having the task of facilitating judicial cooperation between member states, especially in the framework of actions to combat serious crimes. The Council Decision on the European Judicial Network provides that the contact points will allow “the establishment of the most suitable direct contacts” between the competent authorities.


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