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Deforestation:  Hey Everyone! I am here to discuss Deforestation in this topic. Deforestation is actually due to the activities of humans. Do you know everyone’s life is associated with the facilities provided by the forests, but we don’t care about that? Here I am telling you about the importance of the forest. Forests are necessary for us as water. Deforestation is an unbelievable and very destructive change in our lives.

But Human beings in their economic activities, in their settlements, in their industrial and agricultural activities, etc, have to occupy a territory. Year after year, Millions of hectares have been cut down to change land use and extract wood for numerous applications. Therefore, rainforests and tropical forests could disappear entirely within a hundred years if the current rate of deforestation continues.

Apart from getting paper, there are many reasons for cutting down trees. It is true that most of these reasons are related to financial gain or the farmers’ need to be able to support their families. Clearing a forest for agricultural activities has been done for almost all of history since agriculture and animal husbandry were discovered.

What do You Know about Deforestation?

Deforestation is defined as the cutting of Trees as a result of Human Activities. Deforestation is a big problem in the World and also in Pakistan. So, we have to avoid cutting of trees and also take care of them.

Services Provided by the Forests

Deforestation occurs due to the exploitation of timber and land. When we remove a forest and that land is used for urbanization or agricultural activity, the ability of the earth’s surface to control its own climate and chemical composition decreases. As we well know, trees produce the oxygen we breathe and are responsible for absorbing the CO2 we emit.

Today, scientists most concerned about climate change are investigating all kinds of possible CO2 absorption mechanisms, when the most natural and efficient is this: a large forest or jungle. In addition, they would also contribute to the preservation of biological diversity, since species need habitats in which they can develop and live well. If we cut down the forests, we can fragment their habitats and disturb the ecological balance.

Deforestation: History of Europe

Long covered in deep forests that supported incredible biodiversity and provide habitat for many wild animals, Europe’s landscape is now largely a mixture of urban “jungle” and patchwork of crops and grasslands. Human activities and needs – especially the need for housing, agriculture, and transport – have gradually led to the destruction of forests throughout history, and European countries now want to protect and restore their forests and wildlife. The new study, coordinated by researchers at Humboldt University in Berlin, has led to the first complete map of Europe’s last primary forests. About 1.4 million hectares (less than 1% of Europe’s forest area) were mapped after carefully analyzing hundreds of scientific papers and questionnaires completed by more than a hundred researchers and experts from non-governmental organizations.

Control of Deforestation

The Government should implement the strict rules on the cutting of Trees frequently. There should be the implementation of a fine for those who cut the trees. The strict rule that should be followed by the nations should be implemented by the government.


Visually, from the satellite, it looks like things are looking good when it comes to the topic of forests. Moreover, Eurostat statistics on the situation in Romania show that these observations are aligned with the pattern observed in our area.

According to Eurostat (the system that collects statistical data from different European countries), the area of forest vegetation in Romania increased from 6.371 million ha in 1990 to 6.929 million ha in 2020, which means an increase of 8.75%. In Germany, for example, the growth is only 1% in the last 30 years. Compared to Germany, Romania has a positive situation. At least on paper. However, is this increase due to afforestation or due to some artifice through which some forested pasture areas are passed into the national forest fund as forested areas? (see also this article)

If we talk about growth without such artifices, we must know that both deforestation and afforestation come with a complex set of advantages and disadvantages, especially when it comes to ecosystems. Romania is still one of the few countries with so-called “virgin forests” and almost intact ecosystems. Deforestation and afforestation of some areas, although it sounds like a positive measure, can also be negative for the entire ecosystem, if it is not done with specialized studies and measures.

The topic of forests remains a hot one in Romania and needs a lot of attention to prevent things from getting even more out of control. The forest is not only our home but also the home of millions of species of all kinds on which we ultimately depend.

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