Difference between a bespoke suit and a suit off the rack

What is the difference between a bespoke suit and a suit off the rack?

The major difference between a bespoke suit and a suit off the rack is that a bespoke suit is for all occasions and a suit off the rack for private life. Depending on where the suit is needed, you should consider whether a normal off-the-shelf suit is enough or whether you should buy a tailor-made suit.

But what is the difference between the bespoke suit and

Difference between a bespoke suit and a suit off the rack
   Difference between a bespoke suit and a suit off the rack

a suit off the rack? Don’t both suits look the same? Doesn’t it matter what kind of suit you wear then? Not exactly. There are some differences between these two suits and those are the reasons why you should consider which of these suits to wear for which occasion.

For a wedding, for example, the groom would look much better in a tailor-made suit and would also have something of the good piece later.

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The Bespoke Suit 

Tailored suit many people think that a bespoke suit is very expensive. That may well be the case, but now you can also get tailor-made suits at an affordable price. However, you also have to remember that you have a tailor-made suit longer than one off the shelf. A tailored suit

  • Is tailored from higher quality fabrics depending on the customer’s selection
  • Is hand-tailored by professional tailors
  • Adapts perfectly to the wearer’s body.

It takes a little longer until the suit is finished, but you can choose between different designs and call an absolutely unique piece your own. Custom-tailored suits are usually made by local tailors. Using a tailor on-site is definitely the best solution. He takes measurements and the suit can be tried on from time to time.

Major between a bespoke suit and a suit off the rack
        Major between a bespoke suit and a suit off the rack

However, this is usually the most expensive solution. In addition, there are some larger chains that offer made-to-measure suits for less. In this case, customers usually drive to a branch, have their measurements taken, and then after a while, they can pick up the finished suits.

The third and cheapest solution is to order the suits on the Internet. In this case, the customer has to take his own measurements, enter the data in a form and the suit will then be sent to you. If the measurement is taken correctly, that’s not a bad solution either. Some providers also offer the option of ordering fabric samples beforehand so that you don’t have to buy them a pig in a poke. Corresponding providers are, for example, bespoke tailors or tailor jack.

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 Suit off the Rack

The off-the-rack suit, as the name suggests, is a suit that is tailored in large quantities. Of course, it is also made by professional tailors, but in so-called mass production. He

  • is usually much cheaper
  • has no waiting times and can be picked up immediately
  • Does not fully conform to the wearer’s body.

As I said, off-the-shelf suits have a few advantages. The short-term availability is a great advantage. Whereby “short-term” does not always have to mean “immediately”. Off-the-peg suits often have to be adjusted; often the hosts or the sleeves are too long and the like. Another great advantage is that the suit can be tried on and you already have a good idea of ​​how the suit looks. Off-the-shelf suits can also be found on the Internet without any problems, for example at Amazon be ordered. And if a suit doesn’t fit, that’s no problem because the customer has a right of return.

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