What is Email Marketing Manager, Role and Skillset of Email Marketing Manager

What is Email Marketing Manager?

Email Marketing Manager is responsible for end-to-end marketing activities through email campaigns. If you are exploring your opportunity as an email marketer, this article will walk you through the role, skills, and job description of an email marketing manager.

Because both hold leadership roles, an email marketing manager can be confused with an email marketing coordinator.

Email Marketing Manager

When the coordinator is in a leadership position, the manager is at the forefront. She lives up to her name by managing mailing lists, reading customer reviews, and helping coordinate brand marketing efforts.

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Responsibilities of Email Marketing Manager

  • Define your target audience and grow our email list
  • Create and implement instant email marketing campaigns
  • Check the email for clarity, grammar, and spelling
  • Create email templates for mobile devices
  • Write a newsletter with all company updates
  • Upgrade our email templates with images, customization, and advanced features.
  • Communicate quickly and securely with your email subscribers to minimize attrition.
  • Create an email database for lead generation
  • Campaign performance analysis and suggestions for improvement
  • Sales Revenue Report for Email Marketing Efforts
  • Make sure your email complies with industry guidelines and best practices.

Essential Skills for Email Marketing Manager

Technical Skills

The e-mail program must be able to work with different e-mail programs. A significant part of email marketing starts automatically; therefore, it is important that a person is aware of different work arrangements and media (values and boundaries, principles, etc.). A good understanding of HTML/CSS and programming tools such as Adobe Creative Suite or Canvas would also be very helpful.

What is Email Mareketing Manager

Improving Deliverability

Some of the factors that affect email delivery include IP addresses, sender domains, spam issues, bounce rates, email content, and recipient behavior. Email marketing managers need to make sure that their domains are not blacklisted and that their emails do not end up in the spam folder. Therefore, marketers should focus on reducing spam complaints and bounces. Spam complaints can be reduced by keeping email content and HTML clean, providing unsubscribe options, and running spam checks before hitting the send button.

Understanding Segmentation and Personalization

Customization and Personalization are accompanied by increased use of email. The success of personal hyperactivity depends on common sense. An email marketer needs to understand the characteristics and motivation of the audience. Using this data, marketers can create segments and campaigns that address audiences and pain points.

Self-service goes beyond “hello” and gives customers what they need at the right time at the right price. Knowing how to create the right audiences to create personalized campaigns will succeed in your email marketing.


Knowledge of Compliances

Following email best practices will not give you any momentum, but it is important to know the national or regional issues associated with email marketing. The most popular email laws are the CAN-Spam Act and the AVG. Administrators should be aware of the general provisions of these terms and conditions, the rights of users in accordance with these rules, and the fines/penalties.

Analytical Mindset

An email marketer needs to track email effectiveness campaign metrics and ROI. If they know what caused the change in audience behavior and campaign effectiveness, they can replicate it throughout the rest of the campaign. Measuring ROI requires the right allocation criteria. A shopping trip is a complex phenomenon and the precise purchase trigger can be identified with allocation. If needed, an email marketer can help the marketing team build a custom distribution model that can be used to track ROI as accurately as possible.


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