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What is Global Health Protection?

Protecting global health is more than one country, problem, or pathogen. Many factors affect our health, such as infectious diseases, social problems, and the growing burden of non-communicable diseases. Whatever the reason, the Division of Global Health Protection (DGHP) and partners at CDC and around the world are working to protect health and save lives.


Global Health Protection

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The German Federal Ministry of Global Health Protection Programme

As part of its international obligations, Germany provides additional support to participating countries to tackle disease transmission and develop reliable health systems. To this end, the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) has launched the Global Health Protection Program (GHPP) to improve international health. The main focus is to support participating countries in developing epidemic prevention measures.

The Robert Koch Institute supports the program in several areas. in building the capacity to cope with disease outbreaks, strengthening primary health care, implementing international health regulations, and combating microbes. In addition to ARKI, the Federal Institute of Medicine and Medical Devices, the Bernhard-Knock Institute of Tropical Medicine, the Paul-Erlich Institute, the Friedrich-Löffler-Institut, the Brush Research Center and the German Central Committee – Where to participate in the program

What is UN Women Doing?                    

  • Providing key data and policy advice to help governments address gender inequalities in national health and social care systems
  • Gather resources to fill gaps in emergency services, including:
  • Funding and implementation of comprehensive aid packages to support women and marginalized groups in Nepal;
  • Providing relief to vulnerable groups in Bolivia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, North Macedonia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo;
  • Providing economic assistance (see Work and poverty) and supporting care workers (see Care work).

Working at the ILO, he directs the Safe and Fair program, which aims to improve immigration governance and protect the rights of migrant workers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Economic Implications of Rapid Global Disease Spread

In addition to the number of sick people, deaths, suffering, and medical costs, outbreaks of infectious diseases and public health problems can disrupt domestic and international markets and create problems for the US and global economies 26, 27. it’s big. American economic exports. Combined exports of goods and services from all US states and territories totaled $2.21 trillion in 2016. This includes $1.45 trillion in goods alone and involves more than 295,000 US businesses. Millions of jobs and goods alone reflect the vital role that exports play in the American economy and workforce. Jobs could be at risk if the global crisis hits foreign economies by reducing demand for exported American goods and services.

World Health Organization Role in World Health Protection

Global health advocates work to improve public health by identifying, assessing, and addressing environmental risks. They conduct research, educate people, help create and implement public policy, improve business and government practices, and create new technologies that help make the world cleaner and safer. Topics of interest in this area include addressing energy use and climate change, e-waste, managing food and water security and scarcity, and global migrant health.

These key skills and abilities are developed: the ability to analyze data and make predictions, critical thinking and problem solving, scientific research, and the ability to communicate information.

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