Google Camera Apk Download Latest Version on Android for Free 2022

Hello everyone! If you like photography, you will love the camera too. In some places we have to look for a good camera. But did you know that you can also take great photos on your phone? Yeah, that seems kind of bullshit to me, looks like BT isn’t for me either. You need to install the Google Camera app on your phone. With this app you can take amazing photos. This website will provide you information about how to install the Google camera Apk on your Android phone.

What is Google Camera Apk?

Installing Google Camera on your Android phone is very easy. Camera2apk should only be enabled on Android phones. If camera2api is enabled on your phone, you can easily install Google Camera on your Android phone.

What is Google Camera Apk?

Google Camera is available on Android phones. This means that smartphones running Android or Android One must have a Google camera, but if you’re using a Chinese phone or any other phone with a line that supports Android or Android One, continue that I’ll explain here. How to download Google camera Apk from any smartphone for free

Google Camera is a successful mobile camera app developed and published by Google LLC. It uses all the camera hardware and creates a complete picture that makes you really click on your device. GCam helps you enjoy high quality and also has many features like HDR+, color enhancement, Zoom Super Res, night mode and more. So guess what!

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Google Camera Apk Info:

Package name:

Version: 8.5.300.450594193.08 (65075803)

File size: 21.3 MB

Updated: July 1, 2022

Minimum Android version: Android 12 (API 31)

Screen DPI: nodpi

Architecture: arm64-v8a

MD5: af150c5820a1de302cffc8ac1e66947e

SHA1: ead806bdc7b370ade3a495e6fb5a34d02bc5933d

Download and Install Google Camera Apk Latest Version on Android for Free

Download and Install Google Camera Apk Latest Version on Android for Free

Google Camera Apk

Features of Google Camera Apk

1: Night vision: Night vision is based on the same principle as the lighting used in astronomical photography. Night Sight uses a special HDR+ or Super Res Zoom algorithm. When the user presses the trigger, multiple slow shutter speeds are used to create a 6 second exposure, up to 15x 1/15 second exposures or 6x 1 second exposures. Image shake measurement and mosaic processing can reduce camera shake,

Otherwise it will be lifted, resulting in a sharp and well-exposed image. Google claims it can handle about 8% of frame transitions. And each frame is divided into about 12,000 tiles. It also introduces an educational AWB algorithm for more accurate white balance in low-light conditions.

  1. Google Lens. The camera offers Google-powered features that allow the camera to copy text it sees, identify foods, books and movies, and perform similar searches, identify animals and plants, and scan barcodes and QR codes.
  2. Portrait Light: – Portrait Light is a post-production feature that allows you to add a light source to your portrait. Simulates strategy and power to enhance original photographic lighting using a machine learning model

Portrait Light was introduced in the Pixel 5 and again in the Pixel 4, Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G. If standard mode or night vision mode is used, it will be applied automatically if it is face or people. Portrait Light is a joint project of the Google research team, Google Daydream, Google Pixel and Google Photos.

Features of Google Camera
  1. Video Stabilization: – Fusion video stabilization, a technology that combines visual image stabilization with electronic/digital image stabilization, can be turned on for smoother video. Among many other issues, this technology also corrects for aperture distortion and focus emission. Uniform image stabilization was introduced in the Pixel 2.

Benefits of Google Camera Apk

The benefits of Google Camera Apk include:

  • Visions of the night
  • HDR+ (High Dynamic Range Plus).
  • The type of image depends on the software.
  • The operation is extremely difficult.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • All models are suitable for Google Camera.
  • It’s going really fast.
  • Panorama view
  • The photon of the circle
  • The playground
  • Google is space.
  • A video game
  • Provides video stability
  • Super race migration
Benefits of Google Camera

About Google Camera Apk

Google continues to launch great apps to stay ahead of the competition. One of the latest apps launched is Google Camera. This app was recently released and pre-installed on the latest Nexus devices. Also available if your phone supports Android 10

This app has 5 camera modes. These include landscape mode, photography, normal camera mode, video mode and the latest lens dimming mode. Users can change the Google Camera feature at any time by swiping right and left. Do you want to see the pictures taken? Swipe left to open the last photo.

Google Camera Apk

Click to zoom in and out and you will see two small bars indicating the size of the room. At the bottom of the screen are icons to add settings for brightness, front-back and 3×3 grid. Visit Google Help for more images.


Google Camera Apk is one of the best App available for you to try on Android and iOS. So, by combining different elements and beautiful sweet styles, you can enjoy a variety of fun sweet colors and beautiful sound effects. Also start in unrestricted mode and use standard control techniques.



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