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What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a method of financial protection, covering the risk of death of the insured person from any cause. They can be concluded for a fixed or indefinite period of time. With the exception of term life insurance, the other types of insurance are with capital accumulation. Insurance with capital accumulation offers you financial protection and a method of saving because in addition to the insured amount, you also collect the participation in the profit.

What is Life Insurance

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How life insurance helps you

Even if you cannot control the unexpected, with life insurance you have a partner to help you deal with any unpleasant situation that may arise in your life and that of your loved ones.

Your needs are constantly changing, and with them come new challenges to face. The role of life insurance is to provide you and your loved ones with protection against unforeseen circumstances. That’s why it’s useful for you and your loved ones to benefit from financial protection when needed.

Health problems, a car accident, or a layoff are among the events that can destabilize you financially. Life insurance helps you overcome such moments more easily and offers you a safety net.

Types of Life Insurance According to Needs

The protection that life insurance offers you consists of granting compensations that fully or partially cover the expenses arising in various unforeseen situations, such as death, hospitalization or illness.

Life insurance is a complex product, and the main thing to consider when choosing such a product is your own lifestyle and protection needs.

The way you want it – modular insurance “As You Want It” life insurance fits any lifestyle because:

It is modular – you have the possibility to configure your insurance by choosing the benefits that suit your needs; It is transparent – you can see all the costs; It is flexible – depending on the changes that occur in your life, you can add additional benefits.

The basic mandatory component of this insurance is protection in case of death, regardless of the circumstances in which it occurred. At the same time, you also have components that you can add if you feel the need for additional protection for you and your family:

The optional protection component covers some of the most common risks we face throughout life, from fractures sustained in an accident to a range of severe conditions.

The “As you want” insurance also offers the Top Protect option, which covers, if necessary, specialized treatment abroad, with repaid amounts of up to 1 million euros/year or 2 million euros per lifetime.

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