Teaching Feeling APK MOD 2021 (100% Working)


If you feel like looking over someone or need help to learn how to look after some girl who is an adult? Then you landed on the right page. Here we will share the Teaching Feeling Apk game, which contains a plot where you have to take care of a girl.

Her name Sylvie and she was a slave before your care. So, this plot starts with a man knocking on your door. Sylvie’s master is dead, and she is lonely; what will you do in this condition? Look after her or abandon her? To get a more interesting view, click on the link teaching feeling English download.


Teaching Feeling APK

Teaching Feeling Apk Features

  • Safe to use
  • Unlocked everything
  • User-friendly GUI

Nourish Her

In Feeling Teaching Mod Apk, the slave girl is frail due to her nourishment. Lack of food given by the previous master is caused this. After taking her to your care maker, she eats all the healthy foods that completely nourish her.

Talk Sylvie

This option in the game is to make her feel comfortable. Remember, she has a scared past, so be gentle in talking and using low tones. Please talk about the mutual interests that make her feel good. After the bond is created, you can talk about intimacy and love etc.

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Here in this game, you, the main character, are a doctor. You helped someone on the way the day before, and now he is on your door to return the favour. He also asks for help to look after Sylvie, a slave girl to his master. Now that the master is dead, so you help her. She is scared, weak, and tormented by her previous master. She has scars and frail because of the low nourishment she had.

Teaching Feeling APK

Now, it is up to you to make her feel at home and nourish her. There are a lot of options present in the game to take. Like pet her head, Chat, shop her, etc. there is 18 plus genre is also included to make this game more interesting. To get more about teaching feeling mods, scroll down.

Rub Her Head

There is also the option of rubbing her head. She will blush and feel shy as you rub her head. Do not worry; it is good to make her easy and trust that you are a good person.


This feature is also included because of the 18 plus genre. But you have to be careful as she is not used to it. She will be scared if you suddenly touch her, and she will not like it. So, take it easy and first make her feel safe and at ease. When the bond is created, then use this feature to explore more.

Avoid her Death

As she is less nourished and weak when you take her, then she has less life left. Make sure to increase her health line to avoid the death of Sylvie.

Teaching Feeling APK

Chat Box

A chat box is used to talk to her via text messages, and she will reply in text. This feature possesses two ways to chat.

  • Live Chat: It is a direct message approach, and this game provides, unlike many others. You can write her text, and she will reply to those words.
  • Random Chat: this is a box in which pretext messages are written and select and send to Sylvie.

Graphics and Sound

This game is 2D based, and all the characters are well created. This game also presents intimacy and 18 plus vibe to the players. The scenes are rich in details. Controls are smooth and easy to use. Also, the sound of the game is soothing and matches the game.

How to Download teaching feeling latest version?

  1. Click on the download link given.
  2. Click again on a redirected link to start the download.
  3. Allow unknown sources from your phone to download and install this game.
  4. Click the apk setup of the game.
  5. Install the game and look after Sylvie.


Teaching Feeling APK is an 18 plus genre where a girl is taken to you for care. You have to look after her. Make her healthy and feel safe and enjoy the affair talks and live chats.


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