What is Farming- Its Scope and Importance

What is Farming?

Farming is the process of growing, working on the ground, and growing edible plants. We can also describe the animals and milk-giving species in farming.

China, a nation with a profound culture and long history of farming, is a large agricultural producer, consumer, and trader. The Chinese government is highly committed to agricultural, rural, and farmer development and has kept the issues related to them (the Sannong issues) high on its agenda to address them well. Priority in state governance is attached to food security for its over 1 billion people, and unswerving efforts have been made to advance

What is Farming

Aim and Scope of Farming

Agriculture is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Mendel University Brno (MENDELU) and administered by the Faculty of Regi onal Development and International Studies. From 2021 it will be published as an open book, which means that accepted articles will be presented continuously on the Sciendo platform and will no longer be grouped into numbers.

The aim of the magazine is to promote animal and plant science and development, animal health and welfare, sustainable agricultural issues, agricultural technology, land and water conservation, tropical and subtropical forestry, landscape, agricultural economics, and rural development. . Human resource studies in tropical and subtropical regions, as well as agriculture and biodiversity conservation. It, therefore, aims to support sustainable agriculture that provides high-quality food for the growing population of the study areas.

The quality of each contribution is assessed by a minimum of two international agricultural science experts. Revised manuscripts are critically reviewed by editors before final approval.

ATS welcomes original research papers, review articles, and short notices from all continents and cultures on all aspects of agricultural science and technology. It is the friendliest publishing forum for young researchers, early researchers, and veteran researchers.

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