Difference between pro v1 and pro v1x

What is the difference between the pro v1 and pro v1x, the two bestsellers from Titleist? The numbers of the Robo test show small but subtle differences.

In the premium segment, many golfers rely on the Titleist Pro V1 series, which has proven itself over decades. We have clamped the two models Pro V1 and Pro V1x in our swing robot and put them through their paces. Each ball (2019 model) was hit with the Miya Shot Robo V a total of 30 times: ten times with the driver at 145 km / h, the 6-iron at 129 km / h, and the Lob Wedge at 105 km / h. All test clubs come from PING. This way we can avoid that balls that come from the same stable gaining an advantage in this way.


Difference between Pro v1 and Pro v1x

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The major difference between pro v1 and pro v1x

1: Ball speed

As far as the driver is concerned, the differences are marginal. We measure a difference of just 0.4 kilometers per hour between the Pro V1 and Pro V1x. With the 6 iron and the 60-meter stroke with the Lobwedge, the Pro V1 has slight advantages in terms of ball speed.

2: Departure angle

No difference in the driver. Both balls have a departure angle of 14.3 degrees. With the shorter strokes, the Pro V1x is almost half a degree flatter from the sheet.

3: Spin values

When striking the wood one, the Pro V1 produces a tad more revolutions per minute (3179 versus 3039 rpm). With the 6 iron and Lob Wedge, the Pro V1x is a bit more spin-friendly than its sibling.

4: Carry length and total length

Consistently slight advantages with the Pro V1. There is a difference of 0.8 meters for the driver, 3.2 meters for the 6 iron, and 1.5 meters for the lob wedge.

If you add the roll to the carry length, the Pro V1x overtakes its colleague with the driver (209.1 meters compared to 207.5 meters). When it comes to irons and wedges, the Pro V1 stays ahead.

5: Flight altitude and land angle

The Pro V1 flies higher and lands more steeply than the Pro V1x. The biggest difference is noticeable with the 6 iron. The maximum height: 22 meters (Pro V1) and 20.7 meters (ProV1x)

6: Constancy

Both models show excellent values ​​in the constancy category. The spread of the strokes with the swing robot is marginal.


The bottom line for the key difference between pro v1 and pro v1x

In our test strokes with the swing robot, we can see that the Pro V1x, compared to the ProV1, produces a slightly flatter ball flight with a tad more spin for the irons and wedges. When striking with the driver, the differences are hardly noticeable. Players who tend to produce a little too little spin on their shots are therefore better off with the Pro V1x. The same applies to the shots around the green: The Pro V1x is a bit more snappy than its sibling.

If you compare the pro v1 and pro v1x with the Titleist Velocity, a stroke of around 60 meters with the Lob Wedge shows a difference of almost 15 percent in the spin rate. The result: different flight-roll behavior and a changed carry length. A noticeable difference reveals how important it is to commit to one golf model as an ambitious golf player. Otherwise, you may have to put one to birdie and save the other ball from the bunker if you make two identical good swings.


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