Environmental Development and Sustainability

Environmental Development and Sustainability:

Environmental Development and Sustainability are international and multifaceted magazines that deal with the impact of socio-economic development on the environment. It is about the complex interaction between development and the environment, with the aim of finding ways and means to achieve the goal.

Environmental Development and Sustainability

Continuation of all business related activities. Propaganda encompasses the relationship between society, development and the environment, and their impact on sustainable development. Technology, economics, ethics and philosophy of sustainable development Consistency and implementation of local, regional and global ؛ Development and use of permanent symbols; Develop, approve, implement and monitor sustainable development policies; Sustainable use of land, water, energy and natural resources in agriculture and forestry in land and natural water and diversity of biodiversity. See goals and opportunities for more information.


  • An international, multifaceted approach to design
  • It encompasses many activities, methods and policies related to the impact of sustainability
  • 100% of authors who responded to the survey said they would publish or republish it in the magazine

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Scope of Environmental Development and Sustainability

Environment, Development and Sustainability is an international and interdisciplinary journal that explains the environmental impact of socio-economic development. It also explores the complex interactions between development and the environment and looks for ways and means of achieving sustainability in all human activities directed towards such development.

Journalistic topics are related topics: -Social, development, environmental interactions and effects on sustainable development -Technical, economic, moral and philosophical aspects of sustainable development -Global sustainable barriers and pathways.

Environmental Development

Importance of local and regional sustainability initiatives, their actual implementation and extensive use of development. The Development and application of sustainable development indicators Development, confirmation, implementation and monitoring of sustainable development policies .

Sustainability Potential land, water, energy and energy impact of forest activities Soil and aquatic Ecosystems and biodiversity Effects of energy consumption and global climate change on development and sustainability,  Population growth and human impact on food and other important resources for international development

Role of International Aid in Environmental Development

The role of international aid and trade in development programs Social and cultural environment for sustainable development Education and education in sustainable development the role of society — the role of political and economic resources in sustainable development Advanced development and its potential.

Types of Environmental Sustainability

 There are two types of Environmental Sustainability

Economic Sustainability:

Economic sustainability is the ability of a company or country to use its resources efficiently and responsibly, operate sustainably and consistently generate corporate profits. Without responsible behavior and efficient use of its resources, a company cannot continue its business in the long term.

Economic Sustainability

Social Sustainability:

Social sustainability is the ability of a society or social system to achieve sustainable social well-being. Achieving social sustainability guarantees the long-term maintenance of social welfare in a country, organization or community.

Social Sustainability



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